August 8, 2022

CPAC Tells The Truth

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August 5, 2022

1.7 Inches Of Rain In Death Valley Today

Reported on Snopes, of all places. All roads are closed. About 1,000 people are stuck inside the park. Sixty vehicles have been buried in debris.

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August 2, 2022

Police Union Head Gets A Clue

"The head of the largest police union in Texas said the new timeline raised serious questions about the department's trustworthiness."

That sentence comes from this article concerning yet more previously undisclosed information about the Uvalde shooting. The department referenced is the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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Kansas Votes To Preserve Abortion Rights 61% to 39% - KANSAS!

Results are preliminary, of course, but most of the vote for abortion rights came from the counties around Kansas City and Wichita (also that one county in southeast Kansas that has a college in it).

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Defining The "Midwest"

Andrew Van Dam (and possibly others; I can't tell if his use of the pronoun "we" means a group of people, or if it's just a royal affectation) has found a reliable way to determine the boundaries of the "midwest" and its primary characteristics! He (or they) use AirBNB listings which include descriptions and geographic locations. Great idea! It turns out Iowa is THE most midwestern state, and walleye are the most distinguishing characteristic of the midwest. Despite my 25 years in the midwest, I never encountered a walleye in any form other than occasionally hearing people mention fishing for them.

The fourth most midwestern characteristic is "Lutheran." Well, that would be Iowa again. The next religion on the list is Amish, down at the 14th spot. So I guess very few AirBNB owners would describe their property as "near the Baptist church." Other fish near the top of the list are bluegill, smallmouth and largemouth. In 10th place on the list is "supper," but probably AirBNB doesn't have the sort of data one needs to determine if "supper' refers to the midday or the evening meal.

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August 1, 2022

“I will always be a supporter of everyone’s Constitutional rights until you break the law,” Bianco wrote.

This is one of the problems with Bianco: after he thinks you've broken the law, you have no Constitutional rights.

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July 30, 2022

George Jetson To Be Born July 31, 2022

George Jetson

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The Restaurant at DHS Spa, Again!

Excerpts from this report in the Press-Enterprise.

The FOURTH closure for the restaurant at DHS Spa hotel, but they get a backhanded compliment. This time it was NOT for rodent infestations. Good work on fixing the rodent problem, you filthy restaurant!

Restaurant at Desert Hot Springs Spa, 10805 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs

Closed: July 27
Grade: 81/B, failing
Reason: Failing an inspection while on probation. Among the 14 violations, food was at unsafe temperatures in a refrigerator that was impounded, there were flies inside, snap traps had been placed in areas where food contamination could occur, there were some gaps in the walls and ceiling, an insect light was hung over a food-prep table, and a chef wiped a knife with a dirty cloth. This was the restaurant’s fifth failed inspection and fourth closure since 2019, and its second closure since being placed on probation in July 2021. The previous closures were because of rodent infestations. To reopen again, the restaurant would have to correct all violations and purchase a new permit.

Daniel’s Table, 68327 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City

Closed: July 26
Grade: Not graded
Reason: Operating without a valid health permit. The report from the restaurant’s last inspection in June said the permit had expired May 31.

KFC, 32120 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City

Closed: July 25
Grade: 87/B, failing
Reason: Cockroach infestation. The inspector saw multiple live roaches at a sink and a dead roach on the floor. There was one other critical violation, for the water not being quite hot enough, but that was fixed before the inspection ended.
Reopened: July 27
New grade: 97/A, passing

Casa Blanca Restaurant , at 66370 Pierson Blvd in Desert Hot Springs, was inspected July 26 in response to a foodborne illness complaint. It received a failing grade of 84/B with two critical violations. Food was at unsafe temperatures in two refrigerators that were impounded for not keeping cold. Also, the chef twice didn’t wash hands when they should have. Among the six other violations, food-contact surfaces weren’t being properly cleaned or sanitized, there was biofilm in the ice machine and in the bar beverage gun, and the floors, walls and ceilings needed cleaning. The restaurant passed a follow-up inspection July 28 with a score of 96/A.

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July 26, 2022

Men's Knowledge

40 Very Dumb Statements About Women By Men Who Have No Clue How Women Work, As Shared In This Viral Twitter Thread.

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6th Street Viaduct

There was a block party on the new 6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles on July 9 and I went to it. It was open only from the Boyle Heights (eastern) end, and it only went to the edge of the L.A. River where a performance platform was set up for bands. There were about three more arches past that point that we couldn't get to. I took a lot of photos and the complete set is here. Some samples:
6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (2282)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (1456)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (5768)
The spiral ramp that will provide access to the park to be constructed under the bridge, east of the L.A. River

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (5789)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (5807)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (6968)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (7016)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (7089)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (7778)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (7)
Besides the ramp, there will be stairways, but none are open yet

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (13)
The neighborhood the bridge passes above

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (25)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (36)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (7919)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (41)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (58)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (8413)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (5822)

6th Street Viaduct Opening Day (8525)
When I walked off the bridge I was surprised to see a lot of locals walking down the onramp to northbound 101
. I followed them and it turns out they all knew where the best spot was to get a sunset view of the bridge and downtown skyline.

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The Message Is Clear

Don't get pregnant in Texas.

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July 25, 2022

Want Some More Slides?

Corrugated Metal Fence (1)
A fence in South Boston
, 1982, shot on Kodak 5247 motion picture film, which was pretty crappy film. Did not hold up well with time, so the quality of this photo is amazing, IMO.

Three-Piece Reclining Figure Draped at MIT
A portion of "Three-Piece Reclining Figure Draped" by Henry Moore at MIT
; 1983, Agfachrome. Looks like a bunny rabbit's head in profile to me.

View From A Boston Harbor Island - 1984 (3)
Sunset viewed from one of the Boston Harbor Islands
, 1984.

Brooklyn Bridge & WTC (1)
The World Trade Center seen from the Brooklyn Bridge
, 1985.

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