July 2, 2022

"Right to Tranquility"

The Supreme Court’s chief security officer has written to authorities in Maryland and Virginia regarding the intolerable situation of citizens exercising their rights by protesting in front of the homes of Supreme Court justices, specifically citing a Maryland law that says a “person may not intentionally assemble with another in a manner that disrupts a person’s right to tranquility in the person’s home.” Clearly, there has never been a right to tranquility written in the Constitution. The Maryland law must be invalid. However, a law preventing a Supreme Court Justice from leaving Maryland to seek tranquility elsewhere is probably just fine.

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Pete Arredondo has resigned from the Uvalde City Council. This is the first acknowledgement by any of the involved police that maybe, just maybe, they did something wrong and voters are at least somewhat disappointed in their behavior. Why did it take a month for this clueless lump to resign? Did he think people were going to forget? Did he need the health insurance benefits? Has he never had his head anywhere but up his own ass?

Is anybody running a betting pool on when he will also resign his position as police chief for the school district?

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June 4, 2022

The Fire Was Where?

There was a fire last night around 7 PM in Desert Hot Springs. The Desert Sun phoned it in, relying on the fire department's tweet that said the location was "66700 Blk 6th St." But the fire department included a map in their tweet that pointed to the coordinates 33°58'07.4"N, 116°29'47.1"W, which is on 8th Street just east of Mesquite.

KESQ actually sent out a reporter and camera, but they were even less specific than the newspaper. KESQ said it was at "Mesquite Avenue, just off of Palm Drive." Since Mesquite parallels Palm, that's the equivalent of saying "somewhere on Mesquite."

So I put on my Brenda Starr boots and headed out to investigate. The fire was right where the fire department's map was pointing; they just mistyped 6th for 8th.

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June 3, 2022

Angeli Gomez

Braver than any cop in Uvalde.

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March 2, 2022

3,272 Breaches Of Trump's Border Wall

"Mexican smuggling gangs have sawed through new segments of border wall 3,272 times over the past three years, according to unpublished U.S. Customs and Border Protection maintenance records."

Smuggling gangs typically cut the barrier with inexpensive power tools widely available at retail hardware stores, including angle grinders and demolition saws. Once the 18-to-30-foot-tall bollards are severed near the ground, their only remaining point of attachment is at the top of the structure, leaving the steel beam dangling in the air. It easily swings open with a push, creating a gap wide enough for people and narcotics to pass through.

Video of a sawn-through bollard.

After smuggling crews cut through, they often disguise the breaches with tinted putty, making it difficult for agents to recognize which bollards have been compromised. The smugglers can return again and again to the site until the damage is detected, using the breach like a secret entrance.

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January 30, 2022

The Thin Bread Crust

Thin Bread Crust

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January 4, 2022

Who Were The January 6 Rioters?

Robert Pape, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago has collected data on the January 6 rioters in an attempt to profile them. He says the rioters were not fringe elements, but "mainstream" Republicans. Only 13% of those arrested are members of "skinhead gangs or prison gangs or militia groups or extremist groups, like the Proud Boys." Only 7% were unemployed, the national average. "[O]ver half of those who have been arrested are business owners, CEOs from white-collar occupations, doctors, lawyers, and architects." Two-thirds of them are over the age of 34. A quarter of those arrested have a college degree. While military veterans usually make up 40% of right-wing extremists, only about 15% of the rioters had military service. About 30% had prior criminal history, but that's less than half the usual rate among right-wing extremists.

52% of the rioters came from counties where Biden won the election.

Now, what else do those counties have in common? The No. 1 feature of the county sending insurrectionists, aside from simply the size of the population overall, is that these are the counties losing the most white population in the United States. The more counties have lost non-Hispanic white population since 2010—that is, between 2010 and 2020—the significantly more likely is the county to send an insurrectionist.

"There is a right-wing conspiracy theory called the great replacement, which says that white people are being overtaken by minorities and that this is going to cause a loss of rights for white people."

So Pape conducted a poll. He found "that 21 million American adults agree with two radical beliefs: one, that the use of force to restore Donald Trump to the presidency is justified, and two, that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election and is an illegitimate president. That is, 21 million don’t hold just one of those beliefs—they hold both of those beliefs. It’s 8 percent of the body politic, but that’s really significant."

Belief in the great replacement "is head and shoulders the No. 1 belief that’s driving the difference between being in the 21 million versus being in the rest of the body politic."

What we see is in the 21 million, the No. 1 set of news sources are conservative mainstream news sources. Forty-two percent of the 21 million report that it’s Fox News, Newsmax, One America. That’s their major source of news. The next set of sources, 32 percent report that it’s liberal or centrist media like CNN, NPR, NBC. You might say, well, wait a minute—how could that be? Well, just keep in mind that we’ve known for a long time as scholars that when you watch news that you disagree with, it makes you angry.

"Only 20 percent of these people report that their main sources are mainstream social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and only 10 percent report that it’s far right social media like Gab or Telegram."

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December 23, 2021

Santa Claus Nabs A Hit & Run Driver

You'll probably appreciate this more if you speak French, which I do not.

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December 17, 2021

Q: How Many Milwaukee Cops Does It Take To Pull Over A Minivan With Two Flat Tires Going 20 MPH?

A: All of them, apparently.

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November 26, 2021

Looting Union Pacific

It's an interesting story that railcars carrying packages (FedEx, UPS) are being looted on the tracks in East L.A. and Union Pacific knows about it. There's no further word in this short item about Union Pacific's responsibilities in the matter. But the most interesting part is when all-knowing Sheriff Villanueva makes an appearance and is shocked, shocked I tell you that this is going on. He claims total ignorance of the problem and says he will put someone right on it. I've read about this looting a couple of times over the last few weeks, but I don't recall where. The Sheriff needs to broaden his sources of information.

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November 2, 2021

Vaccination Deadline Passes For NYC Employees

Yesterday (November 1) was the deadline in New York City for city employees to be vaccinated for COVID. The Police Benevolent Association said this would mean as many as 10,000 police officers would be taken out of service, but in reality that number was 34. Just plain 34, not 34,000, not 10,000. Thirty-four police officers were put on unpaid leave. Service levels remain normal. The full article:

Only 34 police officers defy New York’s vaccine mandate after union threatened 10,000 would quit

‘There is literally no effect on service at this point,’ says New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea

Nathan Place
New York

New York City’s vaccine mandate for municipal workers has taken effect, and just 34 police officers have refused it – a far cry from the 10,000 threatened by the NYPD’s union.

Under the mandate announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio, all city municipal employees – including police, firefighters, and other civil servants – must either get vaccinated for Covid-19 or be put on unpaid leave.

Hundreds of city workers protested the mandate, and the New York Police Department’s largest union, the Police Benevolent Association, claimed it would take thousands of cops off the streets.

“As of Thursday morning,” the PBA warned last week, “there were approximately 10,000 unvaccinated, uniformed NYPD members – which equals the staffing of dozens of patrol precincts – who will be barred from reporting for duty on Monday, Nov 1, unless they have applied for a religious or medical exemption.”

The union’s president, Patrick Lynch, particularly slammed Police Commissioner Dermot Shea for going along with the plan.

“Commissioner Shea and his team should have told the Mayor that this mandate and his arbitrary Friday deadline were going to throw NYPD operations into chaos,” Mr Lynch said on Thursday.

On Monday, however, that chaos failed to materialise. Less than three dozen NYPD officers were put on unpaid leave, and the department reported no interruption in service.

“Members of the police department responded to this [vaccine mandate], they came to work as they always do, and there is literally no effect on service at this point,” Mr Shea said on Monday.

Meanwhile, vaccination rates jumped. Since 20 October, when the mandate was announced, the proportion of NYPD employees who’d received at least one shot rose from 70 to 84 per cent, according to CNN. In the New York Fire Department, that number increased from 58 to 77 per cent, and in the Department of Sanitation it leapt from 62 to 83 per cent.

But while few workers were suspended over the mandate, a high number of them did call out sick. On Monday, 2,300 city firefighters stayed home from work, citing health reasons. On a normal day, less than 1,000 do so, according to FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

"Since the mandate was issued, our medical leave spiked up and we know that," Mr Nigro said on Monday. “The majority of them are unvaccinated. This is completely unacceptable.”

Mayor de Blasio said anyone faking sick to avoid getting vaccinated would be held accountable.

“When a city employee fakes it and puts other people’s lives in danger, that’s a serious thing and there are going to be consequences for that,” the mayor said.

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October 28, 2021

One Million Dollars

The Riverside County Sheriff places unusual emphasis on the "1 Million Dollar Arrest Warrant" in this press release.
One Million Dollars

Gang Member Arrested on 1 Million Dollar Arrest Warrant

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, at 12:15 P.M. the Coachella Valley Violent Crime Gang Task Force conducted an arrest warrant service in a residential area located in the 49000 block of Highway 74 in Palm Desert. Gang Task Force Officers located documented criminal street gang member Robert “Lil Rob” Cruz, 40 of Coachella, as he was delivering furniture to a residence for a local furniture store where he is employed as a delivery man. Cruz was taken into custody without incident on a 1 Million Dollar Arrest Warrant for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Witness Intimidation. Cruz had evaded capture since June of 2021 when the warrant was issued for his arrest. Cruz was subsequently booked at John Benoit Detention Center in Indio.

I don't even know what it means to attach a dollar value to an arrest warrant. Does it mean the Riverside County Sheriff's Office is going to receive a million-dollar reward for arresting this guy? I don't think so. Does it mean somebody was willing to spend up to a million dollars to catch this guy?

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$17 Million Verdict In Costco Shooting

A federal jury awarded a $17 million verdict to the parents of Kenneth French who was shot and killed by an off-duty LAPD officer at the Costco in Corona in 2019. "The bulk of the verdict will be borne by the City of Los Angeles, with the eight-person jury finding that Sanchez was acting within the scope of his LAPD employment when he opened fire inside the store, attorney Dale K. Galipo said." No word in the article on how much that "bulk" is, or who is paying the remaining "non-bulk" part of the award.

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October 26, 2021

Free Motorcycle Classes

The Riverside County Sheriff's office has received a grant that will allow it to offer free motorcycle riding classes. From the brief description, it sounds like totally beginner stuff that you should learn before riding on a public street...but if you are already riding a motorcycle and are smart enough to realize you're an unskilled rider then this would be for you too.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department/Moreno Valley Sheriff Station Receives Funding for Motorcycle Safety Training Program.

Moreno Valley, Calif. — The Riverside County, Moreno Valley Sheriff Station received grant funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to step up motorcycle safety awareness with free, hands-on rider trainings.

The $36,000.00 grant will pay for a series of free motorcycle safety classes that allows riders to practice braking, turning, steering, entering traffic and other skills that help avoid collisions and improve rider safety on the road.

This event is called “Ride To Live” and will assist the civilian motorcycle enthusiast on becoming a better and safer rider. You will learn the following:

  • Proper manipulation of clutch and throttle in order to work the “friction zone”
  • Proper use of head and eyes when turning a motorcycle
  • Counter steering
  • Negotiating curves
  • Low speed precision maneuvering
  • Instructors will be from the Moreno Valley Station Traffic Motor Team.

The motorcycle training program will run through September 2022.

Classes will be available starting December 11, 2021. To register for a free training class, email MVSSRIDETOLIVE@riversidesheriff.org

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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October 14, 2021

Police Shoot & Kill Fleeing Suspect At Indian And I-10

Very early this morning. Riverside County Sheriff's Office press release:


Deputy / Officer involved shooting occurs after Beaumont Police officers, Riverside Sheriff’s deputies and Palm Springs officers locate suspect who shot at a Banning Police officer during a traffic stop.

On Thursday, October 14, 2021 around 12:24 AM a Banning Police officer was shot at by a suspect during a traffic stop off State Highway 243 in Banning. During the shooting the gunfire struck the Banning Police vehicle and disabled it. The suspect fled the scene in an older model green wagon. Banning Police requested the assistance of surrounding law enforcement agencies. Beaumont Police officers responded to the area and located the shooting suspect driving eastbound on Interstate 10.

Beaumont Police Department officers attempted to stop the suspect who failed to yield. The suspect fled at a high rate of speed and a pursuit was initiated. Beaumont Police Department officers were joined by Riverside County Sheriff’s Department deputies as they pursued the suspect eastbound on Interstate 10 towards the Palm Springs area. The suspect shot several times at Beaumont Police officers who were behind him during the pursuit. Information was relayed to Palm Springs Police Department advising them of a pursuit of an armed suspect heading towards their jurisdiction.

Upon entering the Palm Springs area, the suspect exited on North Indian Canyon Drive where he ultimately stopped his vehicle on the offramp. At that time, a deputy / officer involved shooting occurred.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau and the Palm Springs Police used Armored Rescue Vehicles, to protect the law enforcement officers from the suspect who was still armed and barricaded inside his vehicle. Upon approaching the vehicle, the suspect was found deceased. The rifle used by the suspect was located inside the vehicle. The suspect’s identity will be withheld pending next of kin notification.

No deputies or officers were injured during this incident. There are no outstanding suspects and there is no threat to the public.

The following agencies were involved in the deputy / officer shooting: Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Beaumont Police Department and Palm Springs Police Department. The involved deputies and officers will be placed on administrative leave per their Department policy. The names of the involved deputies / officers will not be released at this time.

UPDATE 10/19/2021: "The suspect has been identified as Russell Leggett, a 30 year old resident of Idyllwild."

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September 26, 2021

60% Of Police Line-Of-Duty Deaths In 2021 Due To . . .

What do you think? Gunshot? Heart attack? Car accident? Don't be silly. It's COVID. Vehicular assault comes in second place at less than 5%; heart attacks and automobile crashes (which they distinguish from motorcycle crashes) come in 3rd and 4th. Cops can potentially show up anytime and almost anywhere in your life, often without invitation or warning. But we know that Sheriff Bianco won't enforce any vaccine mandate, and the LAPD and LAFD unions are vigorously opposing their vaccine mandates.

If only there were some agency that, you know, tried to work for the safety of the public.

Scroll down on the Officer Down Memorial Page and you'll also see that both the rate and the actual number of all on-duty deaths of law enforcement personnel in Florida and Texas greatly exceed those in California: 51 in Texas, 32 in Florida, 23 in Georgia, 17 in California.

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September 24, 2021

This Is How Palm Springs Police Conduct Themselves?

An article with videos in the Desert Sun about an attempt by an illegitimate bounty hunter to seize a "fugitive." Ignoring the fact that the bounty hunter has no license and is a convicted felon carrying firearms dressed up in an imitation Riverside County Sheriff Deputy uniform, I want to comment on the actual Palm Springs Police in the story. They came to the scene in response to a 911 call from the bounty hunter. When the police show up, they find the front door of the home smashed in so they walk right in announcing themselves by saying "Hey, where ya at? Hey, where ya at?" My knowledge in this area consists solely of watching a lot of other police videos like this, and when the police get to the door standard procedure seems to be that they first announce they are the police and then stand back, or if they decide to enter, they do so with extreme caution. Not so the Palm Springs Police. They barge in like it's a free for all, which seems to be the attitude of the bounty hunter as well.

After the bogus bounty hunter somehow manages to fail to embed his taser into a man standing only a few feet away wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, somebody fired a gun, putting a hole in the chest of the victim. The Palm Springs Police response to that is to "get some gauze." It's going to take a lot more than gauze (which no one actually goes for) to stop that wound. The victim, David Spann, died.

Spann's repeated questioning of the authority of the bounty hunters in the video footage seemed to indicate that he understood what the cops didn't: Herrera didn't have the authority to be there.

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September 21, 2021

Fall River

What grinds my gears in this brief news article about former mayor Correia of Fall River [pronounced like 'Faw Rivah'], Massachusetts, being sentenced to six years for "fraud and extortion tied to the licensing of local marijuana businesses," is that they refer to FR as "a small Massachusetts town." Don't you picture a town green with a white church and a few other 18th century buildings lying about? Fall River is the tenth largest city in Massachusetts with a population of 94,000. It was one of those Massachusetts cities that were early leaders in the American industrial revolution. So when the ex-Mayuh of the tenth largest city goes down for fraud and extortion, that's kind of big town.

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September 20, 2021

The Rodney King Videographer Has Died Due To COVID

George Holliday, a plumber from Argentina, grabbed his Sony Handycam when he heard the sirens outside his residence. He shot the video from his balcony. He tried to offer the video to the LAPD twice, but they were uninterested, so he handed it over to KTLA. The video - a bit over 8 minutes.

Mr. Holliday died at a hospital in Simi Valley on Sunday.

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September 8, 2021

Mime Crime?

With all the excitement of a high speed police chase, Citizen seriously tries to track down an alleged mime who was allegedly assaulting people on alleged Grand Avenue in L.A. This had to have been called into the police as a prank.

Mime Assaulting People @CitizenApp

W 3rd St & S Grand Ave 1:51:57 PM PDT

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