January 18, 2018

Le Sacre du printemps Under The Tree of Ténéré At Burning Man 2017

This is really good!

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March 13, 2017

Joshua Tree Moonrise

I shot this in Joshua Tree National Park this past Saturday. When you buy (and register) a GoPro camera, you get access to GoPro's library of royalty-free music, including the over-wrought stuff you hear in a lot of GoPro videos. So I thought it might be fun to waste some of that here.

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November 21, 2016

LA Opera - Akhnaten

Los Angeles Music Center
Los Angeles Music Center
- the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is on the right.

LA Opera (1015)
The LA Opera seems a bit heavy handed in promoting social media

Philip Glass in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (1017)
Composer Philip Glass and conductor Matthew Aucoin had a talk in the lobby before the performance
. Philip Glass is in the crowd in the upper right with his hand on a lady's shoulder.

Prior To Act III of Akhnaten - LA Opera - Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
During the intermission after Act II

More photos from my visit to the LA Opera can be seen here.

Here's the LA Times review of LA Opera's "Akhnaten."

Wikipedia article about the opera.

Here's a short video that gives you a few brief samples of the performance. The jugglers were amazing. Often there was so much action on the stage that you just couldn't follow it all - a sort of five-ring circus. It was great!

If you want a sampling of the music, here is the first 10 minutes and 44 seconds of the opera.

Akhnaten himself is sung by a counter-tenor. Here Anthony Roth Costanzo explains how he prepared.

Akhnaten imposed a monotheistic religion on Egypt during his reign (1353 BC to 1336 BC). His queen was Nefertiti. His son was Tutankhamen. More facts.

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September 16, 2016

What I Would Do With My Tricycle If I Could

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September 13, 2016


A lot of images from Burning Man buzzed together.

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July 29, 2016

Sebastien De La Cruz

In 2013 he sang at an NBA finals game in San Antonio:

That brought a flood of racist commentary on Twitter.

He repeated his performance with a deeper voice (but he can still hit the high notes) at the Democratic convention:

Bonus: Here he is on "America's Got Talent" in 2012.

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April 21, 2016

GoPro goes onstage at Coachella

From a fan's hands to the singer's.

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December 17, 2015

San Francisco

Some photos from my weekend in San Francisco.

Nourse Theater (0134)
Nourse Theater where the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus performs

Lock Back This Door (2372)
If anyone has insight into what might be the native language of the author who wrote "lock back" rather than "relock" or just "lock," I would appreciate it

Recycle The Fruitcake (2383)
After "Recycle The Fruitcake" the Director had Mr. UPS (who was very popular with the audience) come back with the Trump poster so that the audience could take photos
. While singing, chorus members held up, one by one, photos of "fruitcakes." They were Liberace, Richard Simmons, Pee Wee Herman (each one getting a good laugh), and then Donald Trump to which the audience reacted with a great roar. It was clearly the peak of excitement for the whole concert...in both performances that I attended. The Director said that when they came up with this idea four weeks ago it had seemed a bit iffy, but as the weeks passed the idea became better and better.

Darrell & Ron (0146)
That's Darrell who I met at the Billy gathering at Halloween
. I ran into him at the 440.

Official Hair Styles (2364)
These are "Official" hair cuts
. Anything else is simply unofficial. This is hanging in the barbershop where G. Fry works.

Pink Scooter (0149A)
I don't need to explain this one, do I?

South San Francisco BART (0165)
South San Francisco BART

Civic Center BART (0164)
Civic Center BART with the UN shield front and center

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October 12, 2015

Amoeba Records Wants To Sell Marijuana

Amoeba Records in Berkeley wants to get the permit for the fourth medical marijuana dispensary in that city. If they get it, they will sacrifice their jazz and classical room (it's always jazz and classical that has to suffer) and turn it into a separate building for the dispensary. It's not too different from what KMart has done in Desert Hot Springs, splitting itself into two and putting a more attractive business in the other part in order to stimulate business in the old part.

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September 24, 2015

Monkey Chant

This year at Burning Man I got to fulfill my desire to participate in a monkey chant. The monkey chant is also known as "Kecak". The monkey chant is taught Monday through Thursday at HeeBee GeeBee Healers and then on Friday they do a big monkey chant in Center Camp. I was unable to make it to the big event on Friday because that's when we host our party at Burner Buddies. The chant requires a lot of physical activity as well as mental alertness as the changes come unpredictably.

Here's a longish video of the monkey chant in Center Camp in 2014. It's not too different from practice chants done earlier in the week. I suppose they expect a lot of newbies to join the chant, so some of what you see is teaching the chant. The action begins to pick up after the 4 minute mark.

Ideally, we would have made it look like something created by Hollywood choreographers, like this scene from The Fall which is possibly the most beautiful movie ever made.

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September 16, 2015

Video From The Naked Pub Crawl

Don't get too excited, though. I shot this short video to show you the incredibly powerful sound system somebody had mounted on his bicycle:

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August 26, 2015

This Is Real (Depending On Your Definition Of "Real")

Burning Man: The Musical:

They are asking for money and in-kind support to finish this musical.

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August 24, 2015

Thunderdome In Spherical Virtual Reality

This is the best video for conveying the atmosphere of Thunderdome. You can scroll around, up and down, while the video is running. And that's Thunderdome. Too bad they didn't get them chanting "Two may enter, one may leave." And while we're wishing for that, how come Tina Turner has never come to Burning Man and put in an appearance at the Thunderdome?

Obviously, a lot of stuff at Burning Man was inspired by the earlier Mad Max films, but the most recent Mad Max seemed to be inspired by Burning Man.

This is not the latest Mad Max. This was made from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

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July 22, 2015

Giant Interactive Tesla Coil - what could go wrong?

2000 amps, 700 volts. Worth a look to admire Mr. Baritone Beardman (AKA "Matt F.", I think).

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July 21, 2015

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

An authorized, legal video of part of the Pride concert by San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.

In addition, an album with two (or is it three?) of the pieces performed at the earlier spring concert is now available for purchase. #twitterlieder: 15 Tweets in 3 Acts and For a Look or a Touch (plus Epilogue: The Narrow Bridge From Tyler's Suite):

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July 20, 2015

Best Temple Video Ever

This uses two Temples, 2013 and 2014. The pyramidal Temple is 2013; the more ornate Temple is another by David Best for 2014. This is as close as you're going to get to the Temple without playa dust in your teeth.

This year's Temple Of Promise is still a few thousand dollars short of its goal and is asking for donations.

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July 12, 2015

Boston Gay Men's Chorus

First gay men's chorus to perform in the Middle East - Israel and Turkey. A montage of scenes from their tour.

Boston Globe news story.

BTW, the video below shows the Istanbul Pride parade on June 28, 2015. Add a few dogs, make it black & white and you've got Alabama in the 1960s. The nominal reason for the police interference is that the parade took place during Ramadan.

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June 30, 2015

Why Did The SFGMC Cross The Street?

The answer is there is inadequate (like nearly none, I am told) backstage area at Nourse Hall because it was originally a high school auditorium, so the chorus does its dressing across the street in Davies Symphony Hall. Then, a few minutes before the performance, they cross the street. Since one is not permitted to video their performances, this is a rare opportunity to video most of the members of the chorus while they are in performance dress.

Jeff shows up at the 1:00 mark, but you'll have to pick him out on your own. That's Vicente who comes up to give me a hug at 1:40.

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June 27, 2015


Dan Savage explains.

How was it that this one song resonated so deeply with me when I was only 8?

Boas at the Castro Walgreen - Pride Weekend (1315)
Pink boas $2 cheaper than other lesser colors at the Walgreen in the Castro

Yesterday as I was walking through San Francisco's Civic Center wearing my accustomed attire (clothes, I mean), a man on a bicycle passing me called out "It's been a good day for the pink team!"

White House in rainbow colors

Niagara Falls in rainbow colors

Empire State Building in rainbow colors

I-35 bridge in Minneapolis in rainbow colors
The new I-35 bridge in Minneapolis.

World Trade Center in rainbow colors
World Trade Center.

St. Louis landmark in rainbow colors
In St. Louis.

Kansas City bridge in rainbow colors
Kansas City.

SFO control tower in rainbow colors
SFO control tower.

Little Rock bridge in rainbow colors
Little Rock.

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May 15, 2015

NYC Music Map

TouchTunes released data from their e-jukeboxes in New York City and the Wall Street Journal mapped it by zip code. Zoom out on that map to see the entire city. The Rolling Stones, Romeo Santos, and Vicente Fernandez are the big ones. Take a look at Staten Island. It's got the only zip codes that prefer Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, Eminem and the Zac Brown Band. Two zip codes on the north shore of Queens are the only two for Metallica. There's one Beatles zip code along the East River in Queens. One for Marvin Gaye in Harlem. And one for Johnny Cash at the northern extreme of The Bronx.

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