July 31, 2021

Bad Police Work in Desert Hot Springs

Here's an article in the Press-Enterprise about the false charges brought against Roger Wayne Parker after DHS Police detectives did a poor job of trying to elicit a false confession from him.

He continued in the memo: "Many of these questions cannot be answered by 'further investigation.' There were many mistakes made during the investigation of this case. These mistakes cannot be undone, nor can many of them be remedied by further investigation. Forensic evidence hurts our case against the defendant and illustrates the mistakes made by law enforcement during the case investigation. It creates very reasonable doubt as to the defendant's guilt. Therefore, it is recommended that this case be dismissed."

Ross' lawsuit sums it up this way: "The facts demonstrated extremely shoddy police work that coerced a confession from an innocent man with significant intellectual disabilities who plainly knew nothing about the crime. The evidence, in fact, pointed to another individual as the guilty party."

Desert Hot Springs Police Chief Jim Henson declined comment on the quality of the police work and why the case remains unsolved. Henson, coincidentally, was one of the lead investigators on the Stevenson murder case.

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July 24, 2021

Aluminaire House Coming To Palm Springs

It will be built in the south parking lot at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Google satellite view.

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July 20, 2021

Pinball Museum In Banning?

Who knew? But it's too late now. The Museum of Pinball will become a marijuana cultivation facility. Do you think it could have benefited from more publicity? It's been there six years and this is the first I've ever heard of it.

There is still the Pinball Museum with its webpage from 1993 in Las Vegas.

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July 17, 2021

Gubernatorial Candiate Forum At The Pickford, July 22

UNITE 911, a group whose name is appropriately all-caps, will host a gubernatorial candidate forum at the Pickford Theater on July 22 as part of their ongoing effort to save us from "the Marxist/Socialist/Communist agenda." So far they have commitments from six people who you never heard of:

  • Anthony Trimino. His website gives prominent placement to a video of his family in which two of his sons dress like carnival barkers. He's proud of the business he started, but he will not name the business nor even describe what sort of business it is. In his video he shows a building bearing the name "Traffik," so maybe that's his business. He is willing to specify that he is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, "an invitation-only, fee-based organization for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies." IOW, no big deal. On the issues, he says absolutely nothing specific. He does, however, say that he believes "faith" is a verb, and then proceeds to use it as a noun. I want to see him write a sentence using "faith" as a verb. I'm sure Shakespeare could have done it. Even on the perennial Republican subject of cutting taxes he can't name a single tax that he would cut. He avoids most of the so-called "dog whistles" that Trump supporters in other states use, but in his campaign video he does cite Critical Race Theory, but like all the other Republicans he fails to point out what schools are teaching it.
  • Steve Lodge seems to be best known as the fiancé of Vicki Gunvalson who was on Real Housewives of Orange County. I assume he is not a descendant of Henry Cabot Lodge, or he would mention that on his website. He has that annoying habit of capitalizing random words for no apparent reason, like this: "stared in the Television series." Ignore the spelling error, why is "television" capitalized? He's got a solution for homelessness: incarceration of drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill. "They’re doing something similar to this down in Dallas County, Texas," he said. (You hear so many Californians pining for the Elysium that is Dallas County, Texas.) He doesn't say what he's going to do with those single moms who lost their job and just couldn't pay the rent. Also, he seems to suggest California should build MORE hydroelectric dams, claiming the drought is not the problem, lack of dams are the problem. He wants to terminate the High Speed Rail project which is funded with a voter-approved bond issue, so he would have to submit that to another vote of the people first.
  • Sarah Stephens. This is NOT Anthony Trimino's family. One of her principles is "Believing we can change everything and Make California peoples home again" which, even if you insert the probably missing apostrophe, is still a tortured sentence. And she claims to have an English degree from San Diego State where she graduated Magna Cum Laude! "Having been married to her husband Daniel, who has served with the United States Air Force and San Diego Police Department, Sarah has forever known and lived the price of FREEDOM." What does that mean? She describes herself as a pastor. Simple Googling does not turn up her church. She says she is "pro-life" "Not only will we be increasing the amount of people in our state, but we will be helping women make the right decision for their lives that they will NEVER regret." Because we all know it's the state government that knows best whether a teenager should carry a pregnancy to term. And those teenagers will never regret that because in her Republican government there will be a vast expansion of state-funded child care services and cash stipends to the parents of all newborns, right? Sure! "She believes that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should California churches or places of worship EVER be closed again!" So, no locks on the doors or gates. All houses of worship to be open to all 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. It's not like they're private property or anything. "Vaccinations should not have to require a reason to skip a vaccine." This woman was an English major?! I've gotten a lot of vaccines in my life, but none of them required me to give a reason to skip them. Mostly I just had to hold still for a moment. Check out this campaign video.
  • Doug Ose. This guy at least has some political history. He served three terms in the House of Representatives and ran for governor in 2018 (Ballotpedia). According to Wikipedia, he graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in business administration. On his campaign website he argues against COVID policies of the past. As for vaccinations, he says they should be decentralized. AFAIK they are decentralized, but maybe he supports something even more decentralized, like offering shots door-to-door. He says homelessness is due to drug addiction/substance abuse and mental illness. His solution is to greatly expand the courts so that every homeless individual could be taken into "protective custody," thence to put them in privately owned community care centers for treatment; and to create a cabinet-level homelessness authority. In short, to create a large, highly invasive health care program to force state-approved treatments on people who do not necessarily consent. This from the same party that says vaccines should be voluntary. He says that California has done nothing to plan for water infrastructure for the past 75 years! He, like Lodge, calls for the building of more dams. "Return to prison the 20,000 convicted felons that Newsom released in May 2020." Okay, so we're going to have to expand the courts even more. Other than all of that, the usual lack of specifics.
  • Jenny Rae Le Roux. This one's got an education: "a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Columbia Business School." "She is a frequent presenter at Harvard Business School, the Wharton School of Business." She mentions starting at Bain, which is (was?) Mitt Romney's company. She's the only one of these candidates to say something about the wildfires on her campaign website: "Manage 4M acres of federal, state and private land using logging and controlled burn permits to reduce wildfires." Nothing specific, but it's a mention. She also says California should invest in "water storage," not necessarily dams. This suggests to me she might actually know something about water. But other than that, her position is platitudes and vagueness.
  • Diego Martinez. He makes no pretense of being an English major. Says he will fight to overturn Jones v. City of Los Angeles, meaning he wants to criminalize homelessness. Then he would "build state-run encampments." Manzanar is now a NPS-managed National Historic Site, so they can't use that, but there is still a lot of open space east of the Sierra. He wants to triple the amount of logging in the state. He wants to extend and widen highways throughout the state. "He will make the teaching of CRT or any other divisive Marxist, Socialist propaganda off limits in California school K-12." He thinks we have more than one state legislature. "Diego will end the gun roster restrictions, repeal the current ammo laws and bans on magazines." Neither he, nor any of the other candidates here, suggest how they will get any proposal through a legislature with Democratic super-majorities in both houses. "Diego’s first step will be to repeal the background check on ammo and will eliminate the non-California gun list, allowing all guns to be sold in California again." He would give illegal immigrants six months to turn themselves in, whereupon they would be given a 4-year work permit. After that, they would get a green card. The catch is, all of that is a federal issue and has nothing to do with who is governor of California. His solutions for homelessness are a sort of rambling wishlist. First, he says all the state's cities and counties should form a JPA. IOW, essentially recreate the state government. Why not just use the existing state government? That JPA should come up with a plan. He acknowledges that one of the problems is the lack of low-priced housing! Weirdly, this is something none of his fellow Republicans are aware of. "Every existing drug and needle dispensary throughout the state will be shut down." Drug dispensaries, as he calls them, are called pharmacies by most people. Shutting down all pharmacies is an idea that wouldn't fly even in Texas. "Faith based groups, habitat for Humanity, and other private building groups could build, remodel and repurpose buildings to provide shelter." And the money for this would come from where? Taxes? "Schools K-12 will no longer be able to indoctrinate our children with Anti American, Marxist, LGBTQ + propaganda." Oh, he said it out loud.

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Some Health Department Inspections

From the Press-Enterprise.

DHS Spa again!

The restaurant at Desert Hot Springs Spa, at 10805 Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs, was inspected July 13 and received a failing grade of 81/B with one critical violation. Food was at unsafe temperatures inside two refrigerators and a freezer that were impounded. Among the 12 lesser violations, there were rodent droppings behind equipment in all three food storage rooms, and the floors, walls, ceilings and cooking equipment needed cleaning. This was the restaurant’s third failed inspection since 2019 and it was shut down twice last year for rodent infestations.

This place is in the county, not in Desert Hot Springs, but that's a small matter:

Mariscocos Culiacan #2, at 16760 Palm Drive Suite 2 in Desert Hot Springs, was inspected July 14 in response to a foodborne illness complaint. It received a failing grade of 80/B with one critical violation, for five pans of cooked meat and rice being at unsafe temperatures. Among the 12 lesser violations, there were multiple flies inside, containers of food weren’t being stored protected from contamination and there were areas in need of cleaning.

Rancho Mirage:

Joyce’s Sushi, 36101 Bob Hope Drive Suite E1, Rancho Mirage
Closed: July 13
Grade: Not graded
Reason: Cockroach infestation. The inspector visited in response to a cockroach complaint and saw two nymph roaches running across a floor, multiple live and dead roaches on a sticky trap in the same area and many more dead roaches throughout the facility. The owner said roaches tend to come into the restaurant during the summer, and he conducts his own pest control rather than using a professional service.

This one is way over in Corona, but it sounds like a horror story at an all-you-can-eat sushi dump:

Sushi Zen, 1525 E. Ontario Ave. Suite 108, Corona
Closed: July 13
Grade: 66/C, failing
Reason: Failing an inspection on probation. The restaurant had four critical violations: Multiple employees didn’t wash hands. Numerous items of food were at unsafe temperatures, including raw seafood in a cooler that wasn’t keeping cold and cooked seafood in a warmer that hadn’t been turned on. Food was contaminated, including lemons that had gotten moldy and sushi rice that an employee scooped up with a dirty wiping cloth. And some food-contact surfaces weren’t clean; one employee said they didn’t know how to sanitize dishes. Among the 14 lesser violations, there were flies landing on food-contact surfaces and the restaurant had to throw out 50 pounds of sushi rice that had been left out. This was the restaurant’s fifth failing grade since 2020 and fourth closure this year. Two closures in March were for not having hot water and a third in May was for failing its first inspection after being placed on probation. To reopen, the operator would have to correct all violations and pay double the fee to purchase a new permit.

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July 14, 2021

Four on Rollei Retro 80S Film

All of these were shot on Rollei Retro 80S film last month.
Grocery Outlet and Mt San Jacinto
Grocery Outlet framed by Mt San Jacinto

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (2)
Another shot of the new DHS Public Library on opening day

Los Angeles Union Station (1)
Los Angeles Union Station

Los Angeles Union Station (2)
The interior of L.A. Union Station

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July 13, 2021

Four In Indio

These were shot on Kodak UltraMax 400 film in Indio last month.
Mural In Indio (1)

California Desert Trial Academy (1)

Loma Linda University Children's Health-Indio (2)
Loma Linda University Children'''s Health-Indio

The Former Taco Jalisco (2)
The former Taco Jalisco

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July 12, 2021

New Dollar General Construction

Construction has commenced for the new Dollar General on Palm Drive between 4th and 5th Streets. All photos shot on Kodak UltraMax 400 film.
Dollar General Construction (4)

Dollar General Construction (7)

Dollar General Construction (3)

Dollar General Construction (5)

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"Eldorado Brougham in Palm Springs"

Eldorado Brougham in Palm Springs
April 1958 Kodachrome photo by chuck french

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July 11, 2021

Two in PS, Two in DHS

These were all shot on Ilford Delta 100 film.
Plinth for "Forever Marilyn"
The plinth for Forever Marilyn
on Museum Way.

History Of Suspended Time by Gonzalo Lebrija (3)
History Of Suspended Time by Gonzalo Lebrija
at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Improperly DIsplayed American Flag at DHS Spa
The north side of the DHS Spa sign in disrepair
with an improperly displayed heavily damaged American flag. Looks like something run by a slumlord, doesn't it?

Water Leak at Miracle Springs Resort
A water leak in front of Miracle Springs Resort
. I reported this to the resort and to Mission Springs Water District. The water district told me it was the resort's property and responsibility. I never heard back from the resort.

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July 10, 2021

Four More In Palm Springs

All of these were shot on Ilford Delta 100 film in May of this year.
Museum Way (2)
Museum Way
, looking from Palm Canyon Drive toward the art museum, before the return of Forever Marilyn.

Starbucks Palm Springs (1)
These buildings now occupy the site where Forever Marilyn stood during her first stay in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Art Museum (15)
Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Mountain Resort & Spa
Palm Mountain Resort

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July 9, 2021

Four On Ilford Delta 100 Film

All shot with Ilford Delta 100 film.
Reclining Figure by Henry Moore
Reclining Figure by Henry Moore
at the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Public Art (2)
Public art at Cholla and Pierson in Desert Hot Springs

Public Art (5)

Shadow On A Wall
Desert Hot Springs

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July 8, 2021

Four More in Desert Hot Springs

All of these were shot with Ilford Delta 100 film.

Mailbox (1)
In Desert Hot Springs
. Shot in May this year.

Abused American Flag at Miracle Springs Resort (1)
Miracle Springs Resort & Spa
on Palm Drive. This was shot on May 24. I find it hard to conceive that all the employees of this hotel going past this flag twice a day, every day, and not a single one of them tried to do anything about it. The American flag at the neighboring DHS Spa (same owner) is just as bad.

Easy Street
Cactus Drive

Desert Hot Springs Recreation (1)
Formerly the Boys & Girls Club

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July 7, 2021

Four Deserty Photos

Golden Barrel Cactus (2)
Golden barrel cactus in Desert Hot Springs
shot on Ilford Delta 100 film in May 2021.

Hummingbird On Nest (1)
There is a hummingbird sitting on its nest near the center of this photo
. I didn't have a long lense to capture it correctly, and my experience with hummingbirds kept me from trying to get up close. This is inside the greenhouse at Moorten Botanical Garden in June 2021. Rollei RPX 100 film. This link will take you to the full-size image (6144 × 4072).

Hummingbird On Nest (2)
The hummingbird is a bit more visible in this shot
. This link will take you the full-size image (4480 × 6144)

Moorten's Greenhouse (2)
The exterior of that greenhouse
, Rollei RPX 100 film.

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July 6, 2021

Four At Moorten's

These were all shot at Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs on June 2 using Rolleo RPX 100 film.
Moorten Botanical Garden (14)

Wilting Flower (1)

Moorten Botanical Garden (9)

Moorten Botanical Garden (15)

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July 5, 2021

Four - Just Four

The Dolly Llama (6362)
In Los Angeles, right outside the Apple Tower Theatre

Escapade Bar
The Escapade Bar on Palm Drive
, one of the oldest buildings in the city, built with adobe made right here. Rollei RPX 100 film, May 2021.

Moorten Botanical Garden (5)
In the greenhouse at Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs
, Rollei RPX 100 film, June 2021.

Moorten's Greenhouse (1)
The exterior of that greenhouse

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The Latest Coachillin' Promotional Video

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June 28, 2021

Whitewater Preserve

These were all shot at Whitewater Preserve using Film Photography Project's Let It Snow film.
Whitewater Preserve Sign

Whitewater Preserve (3)

Whitewater Preserve (8)

Whitewater Preserve (4)

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June 26, 2021

DHS Public Library Grand Opening

Today was the grand opening of the new Desert Hot Springs Public Library at Park Lane and Palm Drive. Let's get the one negative out of the way.
Desert Hot Springs' New Library (6)
Here's how it looks from the sidewalk on Palm Drive
if you approach from the north. Very nice. But there is no walkway from Palm Drive to the library. The ground slopes and is covered with loose landscaping rock. You could continue to Park Lane, take a left there, walking around the south side, then the east to come back to this northern side where the entrance is. Or, you could take the obvious shortcut, this sidewalk to the county building next door:
Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (2192)

But that sidewalk only goes to the entrance of the county building. To get to the library you have to walk across the parking lot and driveway. There are no curb cuts there, so if you need a curb cut, you'll have to bear left to get to the curb cut on the east side of the building where the parking lot is.
Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6531)

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6526)
Looking back from the library entrance toward the county building
. Fine for cars. Not so fine for those on foot or in wheelchairs.

If you want to avoid walking in the driveway, you'll have to travel 270° around the building, where you will be presented with this face:
Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6537)

This, then, is the face the library presents to almost everyone arriving by vehicle or on foot or wheelchair. I know every building has to have a utilitarian backside, but when your utilitarian backside is the face most users will see most often, then there should be an attempt to make it look as nice as the other faces of the building.

Years from now when the library needs expanding, this buffer of land along Park Lane will be the obvious place to do it, and then they could improve the appearance of this corner. Or, they could just build a more direct sidewalk from the library entrance to Palm Drive.

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6551)

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6554)

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6560)
That's a power outlet on the table with a single 120-volt outlet and two USB

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6570)
American history here
. Don't tell Caitlyn Jenner!

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6578)
There are two of these AV cubicles
without ceilings, so you won't be able to really crank up the volume.

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6586)
The southwest corner

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6602)
A banquette with power outlets where disaffected youth can gather
. It just needs ashtrays!

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6623)
Conference room with its own separate entrance

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6635)

Desert Hot Springs Public Library Grand Opening (6638)
I used to check out audiobooks from the library
, but 80% of their stock was romance novels. Of the remaining 20%, I was interested in about half, and borrowed and listened to all of them. Good to see their selection has expanded quite a bit. I took a look to see if they had anything by Delany, meaning Samuel. But there was only one novel by someone else named "Delaney." I suppose the library accepts donations.

The complete set of photos is here.

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Bouchee Cafe & Deli

From this Press-Enterprise report on restaurant closures:

Bouchee Cafe & Deli, 72785 Highway 111 Suite B1, Palm Desert

Closed: June 24
Grade: 80/B, failing
Reason: Cockroach infestation. The inspector visited in response to a complaint and found live and dead roaches throughout the facility, including inside and outside of the food display case (all the food inside was discarded), in the warewashing sink and dishwasher, and crawling on the silverware. There were also roach droppings throughout the facility including on utensils and napkins and in sinks. This was the restaurant’s second failing grade in less than two years, so it now faces an administrative hearing.

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