May 11, 2022

Various Slides

Le Vendome, Quebec
In Quebec
, 1994, Kodachrome.

Self, Half Buried
Don't know which beach
, undated E6 slide.

Saguaros (11)
Saguaros near Tucson
, 1988, Kodachrome.

"Peace Through Chemistry Bronze" - Lichtenstein
"Peace Through Chemistry Bronze" by Roy Lichtenstein
at the National Gallery of Art, 1992, Kodachrome.

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February 23, 2022

Four More On KONO! Monolit

These were all shot on KONO! Monolit 64 film.
Hairy Cactus (1)
A hairy cactus in Desert Hot Springs

Petroglyph (1)
You can see some petroglyphs near the center of this photo

Mt San Gorgonio (1)
Mt San Gorgonio viewed from Cathedral City through a telephoto lens

Fifth Street Trailer Park (1)
The Fifth Street trailer park in Desert Hot Springs
is very gradually getting into better shape.

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February 21, 2022

Four Shot On KONO! Monolit 64 Film

These were all shot on KONO! Monolit 64 film last month.
Copley's On Palm Canyon (1)

Cyclist Waiting (1)
At the corner of Tachevah and Palm Canyon

Cholla (1)
A cholla just outside of Joshua Tree National Park

Albert Frey's Cree House From Above (4)
In the foreground: Albert Frey's Cree House

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February 19, 2022

Four Digitals In DHS

Misson Lakes Market Place (8183)
You can see some riders in the Tour de Palm Springs coming along Little Morongo Road
after their rest stop at Mission Lakes Market Place.

Cholla (8110)

MedMen Cannabis Cultivation Facility (8939)
In front of the inactive (AFAIK) MedMen cultivation facility

Mt San Gorgonio (8101)
Mt San Gorgonio
catching the morning light above Desert Hot Springs High School.

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January 14, 2022

Two Pairs

Saguaro (8)
Kodachrome, 1988

Cactus Needles (1)
Cactus needles
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Longfellow Bridge (8)
Longfellow Bridge
, Agfa Scala film, circa 2001.

Mass General and Mass Eye & Ear (2)
Storrow Drive and medical buildings along the Charles River
, Agfa Scala film, circa 2001.

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January 9, 2022

Four On Ilford Delta 3200

These first two photos are from the cactus and succulent show at the L.A. County Arboretum that took place way back in August. These were displayed indoors without bright lighting, so I used Ilford Delta 3200 film, no filter.
L.A. County Arboretum Cactus & Succulent Show (4)

L.A. County Arboretum Cactus & Succulent Show (1)

The next two photos I shot at the George Zander Candlelight Vigil and March on Friday evening of Palm Springs Pride week. Also Ilford Delta 3200, unfiltered.
George Zander Candlelight Vigil and March (4)

George Zander Candlelight Vigil and March (2)

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December 26, 2021

A Kodachrome and Three Agfa Scalas

Beacon Hill Viewed From Longfellow Bridge
A view towards Beacon Hill
shot from the tower on the Longfellow Bridge that is on the downstream Cambridge side. Agfa Scala film, probably around 2001.

Longfellow Bridge & Back Bay
View from the same spot across the bridge at the matching tower on the upstream side
with the two Hancocks and the Prudential in the Back Bay as background.

Echo of the Waves
"Echo of the Waves" by Susumu Shingu
at the New England Aquarium in Boston. Kodachrome, 1991. Checking Google Streetview, this sculpture is no longer standing there. This page in the Smithsonian's Art Inventory Catalog makes no mention of its removal. I can find no information about its removal.

Cereus peruvianus (1)
My Cereus peruvianus cactus
forming a flower bud while living on my windowsill in Boston. Agfa scala film, around 20 years ago.

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December 21, 2021

Three Kodachromes and a Digital

Autumn Color on the Esplanade
On the Charles River Esplanade
, Kodachrome, 2001. IIRC, I shot this on 9/11/2001. I worked in downtown Boston as a federal employee. We were sent home early, it was a beautiful day, and I wasn't sure the subway would be entirely safe, so I walked home, getting this photo on the way.

Saguaro (4)
Kodachrome, 1988

Ford "Toy" Convertible
Kodachrome, 2002

"Shoshone" (5690)
"Shoshone," by Mark Di Suvero
at the base of FourFortyFour South Flower in Los Angeles. That's the Bonaventure hotel in the near background. This is a digital shot that I took two days ago.

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August 30, 2021

Infrared Filters On The Canon Powershot G12

I've got a Canon Powershot G12 that I paid to have modified so that infrared light can reach the sensor. Almost all digital cameras have internal filters to block infrared. I got just today a filter mount that allows me to put filters on the G12, so I experimented with dark red and infrared filters on it.

Cereus peruvianus (0833)
This is how the camera sees the Cereus peruvianus in my back yard with no filters at all
. You can see a little bit of pale blue-green color comes through.

Cereus Peruvianus (0936)
When I switch the camera to black & white mode, you get this look, still unfiltered

Cereus Peruvianus (0889)
Still in B&W mode but now with a dark red filter installed in front of the lens

Bougainvillea (0917)
Same camera, same B&W mode, but now with an infrared filter mounted instead of dark red
. Obviously not the Cereus peruvianus this time. The plant near the lens is a bougainvillea in bloom. I somehow did not photograph the cactus again in true infrared. Maybe tomorrow, if it's sunny.

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August 27, 2021

Four Infrared

Cereus peruvianus (0833)
Digital infrared photo of Cereus peruvianus
. This is a cactus I brought with me from Boston where it used to live on my windowsill. It's grown quite a bit.

The next three photos were shot on Rollei Infrared 400 film at the Los Angeles County Arboretum.
L.A. County Arboretum (26)

L.A. County Arboretum (31)

L.A. County Arboretum (23)

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August 24, 2021

More From The L.A. County Arboretum

All were shot on Rollei Infrared 400 film with a red filter.
L.A. County Arboretum (15)

L.A. County Arboretum (13)

L.A. County Arboretum (17)

L.A. County Arboretum (20)

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August 6, 2021

A Return To Slides

Saguaro National Monument (9)
Saguaro National Monument
, 1988, Kodachrome.

Cactus (6)
Ektachrome, 1988

Road Ahead UNSAFE
"Road Ahead UNSAFE For Trailers Trucks Buses."

Boston City Hall Plaza (1)
Boston City Hall Plaza
, Agfachrome, 1984.

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July 7, 2021

Four Deserty Photos

Golden Barrel Cactus (2)
Golden barrel cactus in Desert Hot Springs
shot on Ilford Delta 100 film in May 2021.

Hummingbird On Nest (1)
There is a hummingbird sitting on its nest near the center of this photo
. I didn't have a long lense to capture it correctly, and my experience with hummingbirds kept me from trying to get up close. This is inside the greenhouse at Moorten Botanical Garden in June 2021. Rollei RPX 100 film. This link will take you to the full-size image (6144 × 4072).

Hummingbird On Nest (2)
The hummingbird is a bit more visible in this shot
. This link will take you the full-size image (4480 × 6144)

Moorten's Greenhouse (2)
The exterior of that greenhouse
, Rollei RPX 100 film.

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July 6, 2021

Four At Moorten's

These were all shot at Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs on June 2 using Rolleo RPX 100 film.
Moorten Botanical Garden (14)

Wilting Flower (1)

Moorten Botanical Garden (9)

Moorten Botanical Garden (15)

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July 3, 2021

Four in Desert Hot Springs

All of these were shot on Rollei RPX 100 film in May of this year.
On Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs

Fifth Street
Colorized in Photoshop

Cactus (5)

Mural at 12380 Palm Drive
At 12380 Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs

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June 9, 2021

How Did I Come Up With Five?

Comm Ave at Packard's Corner
The view along Commonwealth Avenue from Packard's Corner in Allston towards the Prudential in the Back Bay
, Kodachrome, 2001.

BU Bridge with Traffic (2)
BU Bridge
, Agfa Scala black & white slide film.

Zakim Bridge (30)
Zakim Bridge when it was opened for pedestrian visitors before opening for traffic
, Kodachrome, 2002.

Mrs. Sarah Clap
Mrs. Sarah Clap, deceased 1826, in Dorchester North Burying Ground (Boston)
, Kodachrome, 1990.

Succulent Flower (2)
Flowering succulent
, Kodachrome, 1989.

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April 26, 2021

Four Photos In Desert Hot Springs

Monday, December 21
Lomography Berlin Kino film

Wardman Park Pool (1)
Wardman Pool
, Lomography Berlin Kino film.

Cacti on West Drive
On West Drive
, Lomography Fantôme Kino film.

West Drive (22)
Also on West Drive
, Lomography Fantôme Kino film.

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March 24, 2021

A Variety

Manhattan (1)
Manhattan, but I can't say exactly where
, Kodachrome, 1994.

125 Summer Street - Boston (2)
125 Summer Street, Boston
, Kodachrome, 1991.

Flowering Succulent (1)
A succulent flowering on my windowsill in Boston
, Kodachrome, 1990. I have this type growing in my front yard in Desert Hot Springs now.

Soldier of the Revolution
Wagon Master General, a soldier of the revolution
, Kodachrome,f 1989.

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February 28, 2021

Four More Kodachromes

Skinnydipping at the Waterfall
Skinnydipping at a New England waterfall with the guys from the bike club
, but I don't recall this place at all. Kodachrome, 1989.

Autumn Leaves (1)
Kodachrome, 1988

Mattapan Station
Mattapan Station at the terminus of Red Line light-rail
, Boston, Kodachrome, 1988.

Saguaro National Monument (7)
, Kodachrome, 1988.

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February 23, 2021

Four Kodachromes

Saguaros (3)
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Christmas Cactus Flower (3)
Kodachrome, 1988

Former Sears Building in The Fenway
Formerly the Sears warehouse in the Fenway, Boston
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Leonard Matlovich
Leonard Matlovich at the October 1987 March on Washington
, Kodachrome. Leonard Matlovich in Wikipedia.

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