January 19, 2022

Zakim Bridge - 2002

These were all shot on Kodachrome on one day in October 2002 when the new Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston was opened for pedestrians to tour.
Zakim Bridge (44)

Zakim Bridge (35A)

Zakim Bridge (38A)

Zakim Bridge (43A)

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January 16, 2022

On Broadway

Jewish Lights Over Broadway Tour Group
Not my photo
. This came in a recent email from the Museum of Neon Arts. Somebody shot this at the conclusion of the Jewish Lights Over Broadway Tour. I'm the one in the white sweatshirt wearing a pink cap. Left of me (on my right) is Edmon Rodman who led the tour. I think we lost three or four from the group at the mid-point of the tour, the Grand Central Market.

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January 14, 2022

Two Pairs

Saguaro (8)
Kodachrome, 1988

Cactus Needles (1)
Cactus needles
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Longfellow Bridge (8)
Longfellow Bridge
, Agfa Scala film, circa 2001.

Mass General and Mass Eye & Ear (2)
Storrow Drive and medical buildings along the Charles River
, Agfa Scala film, circa 2001.

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January 12, 2022

Four More On Ilford Delta 3200 Film

All of these were shot on Ilford Delta 3200 film.
Desert Hot Springs Fireworks (1)
Fireworks in Desert Hot Springs on July 2, 2021

342 N. Palm Canyon Drive (1)
342 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs

History Of Suspended Time by Gonzalo Lebrija (6)
"History Of Suspended Time" by Gonzalo Lebrija

Our Lady of Solitude Church (2)
Our Lady of Solitude Church in Palm Springs

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January 6, 2022

Four Photos In The Coachella Valley

Apple Store on El Paseo (1)
Shot on Ilford Delta 3200 film

Cereus peruvianus flower with bee (1)
Bee in a bloom on my Cereus peruvianus
. Kentmere Pan 400 film.

Parking Garage Palm Springs
A parking garage in Palm Springs
, also shot on Kentmere Pan 400.

Palm Springs' Downtown Park Fountain (3)
Fountain in Downtown Park in Palm Springs
. Kentmere Pan 400 film.

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January 5, 2022

Four On Kentmere Pan 400

All these photos taken in Desert Hot Springs were shot on Kentmere Pan 400 film. Kentmere is Ilford's cheaper brand. I used a red filter with these.

Cactus Drive
On Cactus Drive

Dollar General Construction (17)
Dollar General construction a few months ago

The Former El Reposo Spa
El Reposo Spa
, a former spa on Fifth Street. It's obvious they've been under a little pressure from code enforcement over the last couple of years to finally clean up the place. Not long ago they removed the plywood that had been covering these windows into the hot mineral water pool room, which I'm sure is no longer in use. I would think the room could get really overheated on sunny days.

Boarded Up On Fifth Street
This is the mobile home park between Fifth and Sixth Streets
which is also finally getting seriously cleaned up.

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December 26, 2021

A Kodachrome and Three Agfa Scalas

Beacon Hill Viewed From Longfellow Bridge
A view towards Beacon Hill
shot from the tower on the Longfellow Bridge that is on the downstream Cambridge side. Agfa Scala film, probably around 2001.

Longfellow Bridge & Back Bay
View from the same spot across the bridge at the matching tower on the upstream side
with the two Hancocks and the Prudential in the Back Bay as background.

Echo of the Waves
"Echo of the Waves" by Susumu Shingu
at the New England Aquarium in Boston. Kodachrome, 1991. Checking Google Streetview, this sculpture is no longer standing there. This page in the Smithsonian's Art Inventory Catalog makes no mention of its removal. I can find no information about its removal.

Cereus peruvianus (1)
My Cereus peruvianus cactus
forming a flower bud while living on my windowsill in Boston. Agfa scala film, around 20 years ago.

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December 22, 2021

Jewish Lights Over Broadway

The Museum of Neon Arts seems to be able to schedule a tour (or two) during each COVID low point. This past Sunday they offered "Jewish Lights Over Broadway." The route was simple. We met at the Eastern Building which is almost at 9th and Broadway. From there we walked up to 4th and Broadway (the Bradbury Building), turned around and came back down on the opposite side of Broadway. Along the way the tour leader shared his incredibly detailed knowledge on the history of the buildings, the neon, and the people who built it all, many of whom were/are Jewish. I'd be willing to do this tour any time of the year, although if you tried it in the summer you'd have to wait until well after 9 o'clock to insure solid darkness to appreciate all the neon. But at this particular time of year it appealed to me even more because it looked like a social event during the holiday season that was NOT likely to include traditional Christmasy stuff. And Hanukkah has passed, so I wouldn't even have to hear a dreidel song.

Eastern Columbia Lofts (7480)
The entrance to the Eastern Columbia Lofts

Villa Moreliana (7509)
At the Grand Central Market

United Artists Theatre (7486)

Orpheum Theatre (7552)
The neon wasn't turned on, but it was still up there

Neon Display at Grand Central Market (7515)
Also at the Grand Central Market
. The MONA had some connection to the creation of this display.

Globe Theatre (7530)

Broadway Bar (7546)

Apple Tower Theatre (7534)

The complete set of photos is here.

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December 16, 2021

Four Locations

Quincy Market (1)
Kodachrome, 2001

Merchandise Mart & Chicago Skyline
, Ektachrome, 2000.

Pru & Christian Science Center - 2001
View of the Pru from the Christian Science Center in Boston
, Kodachrome, 2000.

AIDS Lifecycle 1 (8)
AIDS LifeCycle 1 in West Hollywood
, Ektachrome, 2002.

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November 14, 2021

Four Infrareds In Palm Springs

Our Lady of Solitude Church (1264)
Our Lady of Solitude Church

Our Lady of Solitude Church (1268)
Our Lady of Solitude Church

342-344 N. Palm Canyon Drive (1313)
342-344 N. Palm Canyon Drive

Water Feature In Downtown Park
The fountain in new Downtown Park (click for video)

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October 29, 2021

Moreno Valley Mall

Yesterday I found myself in the Moreno Valley Mall which seems to be doing an okay job of not dying. I had my infrared camera along and took a few photos.
Moreno Valley Mall (1229)

Moreno Valley Mall (1208)

Moreno Valley Mall (1223)

Moreno Valley Mall (1225)

More photos.

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October 16, 2021

Four In New York City

All in New York in July 2001; all Ektachrome.
Herald Square (1)
Herald Square

Empire State Building Base (1)
The base of the Empire State Building

Empire State Building (3)

Macy's - July 2001
Macy's at the corner of 34th Street and 6th Avenue

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September 26, 2021

Four From 1985-86

Coolidge Corner at Dusk
Coolidge Corner, Brookline, after sunset
. Agfachrome, February 1985.

Alcatraz (4)
. Polaroid Polapan instant slide film, June 1985.

Baluster (1)
February 1985, E6 slide film, unknown brand

Charles Engelhard Court (1)
Charles Engelhard Court in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
. May 1986. E6 slide film.

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September 24, 2021

Four More In Palm Springs, Again

All of these were shot with my infrared Canon G12 using an infrared filter.
Downtown Loop (1)

History of Suspended Time (1168)
"History of Suspended Time"
displayed across the street from Palm Springs Art Museum.

The Rowan (1178)
How the scene now looks from the front of the museum
. Museum Way is barricaded with those ever so lovely A-frames and cones. Further up Museum Way you'll see "Forever Marilyn." "History of Suspended Time" is to the right, partially blocked by the palm. The Rowan Hotel hulking in the background there.

LuV Biden (1)

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September 16, 2021

Office Building Proposed For Sunset Boulevard Near Gower


Designed by MAD Architects, it would be 22 stories. No tenant at this time.

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September 9, 2021

Two In Palm Springs

Both of these photos were shot with Tri-X film using a red filter.
The Rowan (1)

Tyler's Burgers (1)
Tyler's Burgers

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August 11, 2021

Four Kodachromes From The Early '90s

The Bandstand On Boston Common (1)
The bandstand on Boston Common
, Kodachrome, 1991.

NYC Public Library During Pride - 1994
NYC Public Library on Fifth Avenue during Gay Pride
, 1994. Kodachrome.

Robert Frost, poet
The grave of Robert Frost and other members of his family
in Bennington, Vermont, Kodachrome, 1991.

Cannondale Bicycle At Covered Bridge
My Cannondale in front of a covered bridge somewhere in New England
, Kodachrome, 1990.

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July 24, 2021

Aluminaire House Coming To Palm Springs

It will be built in the south parking lot at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Google satellite view.

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July 23, 2021

Four On Broadway (Los Angeles)

These were all shot on Ilford Delta 400 film.

Tim Cook (1)
Tim Cook

Apple Tower Theatre Grand Opening (24)
Proscenium in the Apple Store

Apple Tower Theatre Grand Opening (25)
Apple Tower Theatre

State Theatre - United Building
Not an Apple Store at all!
This is the State Theatre in the United Building, a block away from the Apple Store at Seventh and Broadway. The Gumm Sisters performed here.

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July 22, 2021

Four More At The Apple Store Grand Opening

These were all shot on Ilford Delta 400 film.
Apple Tower Theatre Grand Opening (13)

Apple Tower Theatre Grand Opening (11)

Apple Tower Theatre - Drinking Fountain Detail
Drinking fountain detail

Apple Tower Theatre - Ceiling Detail

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