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March 4, 2023

George Santos style shenanigans here in the Coachella Valley - part 1


What are we to make of these candidate statements from our past election? Who copied whom? Who wrote this statement? Were these candidates aware that someone else had the same statement? Was it stolen and copied?

As it turns out one of these people was elected - Amber Duff. We understand that she is a nice person (and is settling into her role as a new Director for Mission Springs Water District) and probably didn't steal it from Pettit nor Pettit from her. Perhaps it was written for one of them and also given to the other. Right now we are thinking this is the most likely scenario. If either of them knew that the other had the same statement they would have made MAJOR changes to the text and personalized it, not simply changed a couple of words. Thus, there was an outside author who probably wanted both to become elected and who acted as their campaign advisor. This person wrote the text, gave it to both with only a few words changed and different paragraph separations.

Voters did not know that these candidates had the same statement because they were running in separate Divisions and were not on the same ballot. There is nothing wrong with them having the same statement but it begs the question were they really engaged in their own campaign.

Perhaps Duff or Pettit will clarify...

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