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March 6, 2023

A Councilman's Misuse of an Official Logo

Ted Mayrhofen, newly elected Director of Mission Springs Water District, who was elected in a three-way race to the seat vacated by Steve Grasha who in turn was elected to the Desert Water Agency Board, has apparently told MSWD officials not to take or post his photo in the lobby along with the other Directors, or to put it on the MSWD web page either. His spot on the MSWD web page has an unnamed profile for a photo.


Which is why it was very surprising that his friend, City Councilman Russel Betts (who had formerly appointed Mayrhofen to the City Planning Commission) created a social media post using Mayrhofen’s photo. Mayrhofen’s photo was photoshopped with MSWD’s logo, and then posted on MSWD’s company Facebook page by Mr. Betts. That post was made to look like an official MSWD post because of the use of the MSWD logo. [BTW, the official logo of any City, Water District, or private business is property of that entity and cannot be used without permission.]


The post was up for a time on Monday morning 3/6/23, but mysteriously vanished later in the day. Whether Mr. Betts was asked to remove the post by MSWD staff or by Mr. Mayrhofen we’ll never know, but because nothing ever vanishes off the Internet, you can see it here.

Regardless, Ron’s Log wishes the MSWD director a belated happy birthday and we hope you’ll let MSWD take your picture for use on their website!

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