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July 16, 2022

Yucca glorioso blooms

About a year ago I had big tree that had been shading most of my front yard cut down. There was a noticeable increase in growth of all the plants that had been getting filtered sunlight prior to this. I'm guessing that's why this past April two of the yucca gloriosos in my yard sent up flower stalks. That's the first time any of the yuccas in my yard have done that, so I started photographing them. Now, in July, they seem to have reached and passed their sexual attempts and are in the process of withering and dying. The complete set of photos are here, and these are a few of them:

Yucca glorioso [2022-05-19 10.39.08]

Yucca glorioso [2022-06-19 14.04.21]

Yucca glorioso [2022-07-06 14.49.05]

Yucca glorioso [2022-05-01 12.04.24]

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