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July 25, 2022

Want Some More Slides?

Corrugated Metal Fence (1)
A fence in South Boston
, 1982, shot on Kodak 5247 motion picture film, which was pretty crappy film. Did not hold up well with time, so the quality of this photo is amazing, IMO.

Three-Piece Reclining Figure Draped at MIT
A portion of "Three-Piece Reclining Figure Draped" by Henry Moore at MIT
; 1983, Agfachrome. Looks like a bunny rabbit's head in profile to me.

View From A Boston Harbor Island - 1984 (3)
Sunset viewed from one of the Boston Harbor Islands
, 1984.

Brooklyn Bridge & WTC (1)
The World Trade Center seen from the Brooklyn Bridge
, 1985.

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