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April 9, 2022

Health Department Report For This Week

From the Press-Enterprise:

Blue Coyote Grill, 445 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs

Closed: April 7
Grade: 72/C, failing
Reason: Excessive flies. The inspector, visiting in response to a foodborne illness complaint, saw flies landing on and crawling in washed lettuce in the food-prep sink, a container of tortilla chips, clean plates, cutting boards and below the bar counter and sinks. There were also four dead cockroaches in a cabinet and two more in the bar area. There were two other critical violations: Food was at unsafe temperatures in a refrigerator that was impounded for not keeping cold, and cooked food wasn’t being cooled down fast enough. Those led to well over 100 pounds of food being discarded. Among the 12 additional violations, there was biofilm in an ice machine, the person washing dishes didn’t know manual dishwashing procedures and the facility needed cleaning.
Reopened: April 8

Meng’s Filipino Cuisine, at 34091 Date Palm Drive Suite B in Cathedral City, was inspected March 30 and received a failing grade of 81/B with one critical violation. Meat skewers that had been left in the handwashing sink and a tilapia that had been put in a bowl of hot water to defrost that morning and left underneath the dishwashing sink were at unsafe temperatures. Among the 11 other violations, dishes weren’t being washed or sanitized properly, a fly swatter with a dead fly stuck on it was hanging next to clean dishes, food was being stored uncovered or in unapproved plastic bags, and the floors needed cleaning. The restaurant passed a mandatory follow-up April 6 with a score of 95/A.

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