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January 4, 2022

The New Long Canyon Trailhead

I went to explore the new Long Canyon trail not long ago. The actual trailhead isn't right there where the MWD dirt road intersects paved Long Canyon Road. Nor is it at the other end of the MWD road, where the aqueduct lies. Instead, it's about halfway between the two. The parking areas are obvious, but if you miss them there is this sign.
Long Canyon Trailhead

BTW, that was shot on Rollei Infrared film with an infrared filter, as are all of these photos.

The trail proceeds not on the MWD road, but to the right, in the wash between the great stacks of tailings from the aqueduct.

Long Canyon Trail (1)

Long Canyon Trail (4)

Colorado River Aqueduct at Long Canyon (3)

Colorado River Aqueduct at Long Canyon (6)

Colorado River Aqueduct at Long Canyon (2)
A lot of bees around the eastern "hatch" for the aqueduct
. I concluded they must have a hive down below the hatch. If they were simply gathering water, then I should have found just as many bees around the western hatch, but I saw none.

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