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January 6, 2022

Four Photos In The Coachella Valley

Apple Store on El Paseo (1)
Shot on Ilford Delta 3200 film

Cereus peruvianus flower with bee (1)
Bee in a bloom on my Cereus peruvianus
. Kentmere Pan 400 film.

Parking Garage Palm Springs
A parking garage in Palm Springs
, also shot on Kentmere Pan 400.

Palm Springs' Downtown Park Fountain (3)
Fountain in Downtown Park in Palm Springs
. Kentmere Pan 400 film.

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January 5, 2022

Four On Kentmere Pan 400

All these photos taken in Desert Hot Springs were shot on Kentmere Pan 400 film. Kentmere is Ilford's cheaper brand. I used a red filter with these.

Cactus Drive
On Cactus Drive

Dollar General Construction (17)
Dollar General construction a few months ago

The Former El Reposo Spa
El Reposo Spa
, a former spa on Fifth Street. It's obvious they've been under a little pressure from code enforcement over the last couple of years to finally clean up the place. Not long ago they removed the plywood that had been covering these windows into the hot mineral water pool room, which I'm sure is no longer in use. I would think the room could get really overheated on sunny days.

Boarded Up On Fifth Street
This is the mobile home park between Fifth and Sixth Streets
which is also finally getting seriously cleaned up.

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January 4, 2022

The New Long Canyon Trailhead

I went to explore the new Long Canyon trail not long ago. The actual trailhead isn't right there where the MWD dirt road intersects paved Long Canyon Road. Nor is it at the other end of the MWD road, where the aqueduct lies. Instead, it's about halfway between the two. The parking areas are obvious, but if you miss them there is this sign.
Long Canyon Trailhead

BTW, that was shot on Rollei Infrared film with an infrared filter, as are all of these photos.

The trail proceeds not on the MWD road, but to the right, in the wash between the great stacks of tailings from the aqueduct.

Long Canyon Trail (1)

Long Canyon Trail (4)

Colorado River Aqueduct at Long Canyon (3)

Colorado River Aqueduct at Long Canyon (6)

Colorado River Aqueduct at Long Canyon (2)
A lot of bees around the eastern "hatch" for the aqueduct
. I concluded they must have a hive down below the hatch. If they were simply gathering water, then I should have found just as many bees around the western hatch, but I saw none.

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Who Were The January 6 Rioters?

Robert Pape, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago has collected data on the January 6 rioters in an attempt to profile them. He says the rioters were not fringe elements, but "mainstream" Republicans. Only 13% of those arrested are members of "skinhead gangs or prison gangs or militia groups or extremist groups, like the Proud Boys." Only 7% were unemployed, the national average. "[O]ver half of those who have been arrested are business owners, CEOs from white-collar occupations, doctors, lawyers, and architects." Two-thirds of them are over the age of 34. A quarter of those arrested have a college degree. While military veterans usually make up 40% of right-wing extremists, only about 15% of the rioters had military service. About 30% had prior criminal history, but that's less than half the usual rate among right-wing extremists.

52% of the rioters came from counties where Biden won the election.

Now, what else do those counties have in common? The No. 1 feature of the county sending insurrectionists, aside from simply the size of the population overall, is that these are the counties losing the most white population in the United States. The more counties have lost non-Hispanic white population since 2010—that is, between 2010 and 2020—the significantly more likely is the county to send an insurrectionist.

"There is a right-wing conspiracy theory called the great replacement, which says that white people are being overtaken by minorities and that this is going to cause a loss of rights for white people."

So Pape conducted a poll. He found "that 21 million American adults agree with two radical beliefs: one, that the use of force to restore Donald Trump to the presidency is justified, and two, that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election and is an illegitimate president. That is, 21 million don’t hold just one of those beliefs—they hold both of those beliefs. It’s 8 percent of the body politic, but that’s really significant."

Belief in the great replacement "is head and shoulders the No. 1 belief that’s driving the difference between being in the 21 million versus being in the rest of the body politic."

What we see is in the 21 million, the No. 1 set of news sources are conservative mainstream news sources. Forty-two percent of the 21 million report that it’s Fox News, Newsmax, One America. That’s their major source of news. The next set of sources, 32 percent report that it’s liberal or centrist media like CNN, NPR, NBC. You might say, well, wait a minute—how could that be? Well, just keep in mind that we’ve known for a long time as scholars that when you watch news that you disagree with, it makes you angry.

"Only 20 percent of these people report that their main sources are mainstream social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and only 10 percent report that it’s far right social media like Gab or Telegram."

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January 1, 2022

Four More Infrared Photos

These were all shot in November using Rollei Infrared 400 film with an infrared filter.

Mobile Home and Tamarisks
A double-wide on Sixth Street in Desert Hot Springs

Palm Springs Infrared View (2)
Palm Springs viewed from Painted Hills Road

Albert Frey's Cree House From Above (1)
Also from Painted Hills Road, but turning more towards Cathedral City.
Albert Frey's Cree House is visible in the lower right.

Little San Bernardino Hills Above Desert Hot Springs (2)
Desert Hot Springs
. The road running away from us is Mission Lakes Boulevard.

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