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January 30, 2022

Yet Four More Slides

Lowell, Massachusetts
Lowell, Massachusetts
. Kodachrome, 1991.

Boston Massacre Monument (1)
The Boston Massacre Monument on the Boston Common
. Kodachrome, 1991.

Gloucester Fishermen's Memorial (2)
Myself in front of the Gloucester Fishermen's Memorial
. Ektachrome, 2002.

A Canadian record store chain
. This must be in Montreal. The slide was dated May 1992, but I think we were there in January or February. It was so cold I longed for the relative warmth of a Chicago winter for relief. Kodachrome.

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The Thin Bread Crust

Thin Bread Crust

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The Danger!

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January 29, 2022

Karen The Musical


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January 27, 2022

Possible Factors In Long COVID

A study has been published in Cell that found four major factors that correlated with long COVID. Those factors are:

  • "the level of coronavirus RNA in the blood early in the infection, an indicator of viral load" [One assumes there is a correlation with a HIGH viral load],
  • "the presence of certain autoantibodies,"
  • "the reactivation of Epstein-Barr virus;"
  • and "Type 2 diabetes."

A Dr. Deeks pointed out the good news is that "each is actionable."

I don't pretend to be able to actually understand scientific papers, I did at least search the study itself for the word "vaccine" and found nothing relevant. I had wondered if there was any correlation with vaccination status. Very likely they started the study before the vaccines were available.

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On The Issue Of Boulders

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January 26, 2022

The 10 Freeway

Photo by peries_imagery. Click for full size.
10 Freeway and Mt Baldy

This is I-10 east of downtown L.A. photographed from this area. Mt. San Antonio/Mt. Baldy is the background.

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January 25, 2022

Who Could Want This?

The Digi Swap website. There's a video near the top of that page. Just watch it.

The idea is you take your old film SLR, remove its back, attach a chunk of machined aluminum that Digi Swap sells you, and to that machined aluminum thing you attach your iPhone on which you have installed the Digi Swap app. You set the ISO on the iPhone, but shutter speed and aperture are controlled on the SLR. You press the shutter release on the SLR to take a photo. Just to be perverse, I suppose, you then have to use the SLR's film advance lever before you can take another photo. Most of my film SLRs have automatic film advance, so I guess I'm just never going to get to enjoy all the wondrous benefits of this device, none of which I can think of right now.

It's not available for sale yet. There is no price estimate. I imagine the machined aluminum device will have to be customized to fit different SLRs. They say they are developing devices to fit medium format cameras as well as 35mm. They don't mention Android, so they may not be planning to expand beyond iPhones.

In a world where all film production ceased and all digital interchangeable lens cameras disappeared, you would still only need this device if you wanted to use some lenses that just couldn't be digitally faked on an iPhone. Extreme telephoto or wide-angle lenses come to mind, but maybe there are others.

Here's a brief article about it (with reader comments) on DPRview.com.

Digi Swap will be at the Camera and Photo Imaging Show 2022 (CP+) in Japan, if you want to see a demo, February 24 - 27.

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January 23, 2022

Four Grave Photos

All of these were shot on Kodachrome in October 1990. I was probably preparing for the Tour De Graves or participating in the actual tour. The Tour De Graves was a bicycle ride that visited most (if not all) of the city-owned cemeteries in Boston. That proved to be too long a ride for some of the people who turned out for it, so in subsequent years it was shortened to exclude the cemeteries that are further out from the center of the city. These photos (or some of these) might be in Mt. Hope Cemetery, but I have been unable to determine for sure which cemetery any of these are in.
Family Plots

Stone Spheres

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Memorial

William Solomon

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January 22, 2022

Four Old Kodachromes

Provincetown as seen from the Pilgrim Monument (1)
Provincetown viewed from atop the Pilgrim Monument
, Kodachrome, 1991.

Bunker Hill Monument (1)
The Bunker Hill monument in Charlestown
, Kodachrome, 2002.

Christ Church - Old North Church (1)
Old North Church
, Kodachrome, 2002.

It's downhill from here
Riding to a bike rally in way-upstate New York I crossed over this divide
, Kodachrome, 1992.

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January 19, 2022

Zakim Bridge - 2002

These were all shot on Kodachrome on one day in October 2002 when the new Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge in Boston was opened for pedestrians to tour.
Zakim Bridge (44)

Zakim Bridge (35A)

Zakim Bridge (38A)

Zakim Bridge (43A)

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January 17, 2022

Ivermectin Guinea Pigs

Four inmates in the Washington County (Arkansas) jail contracted COVID and were treated with ivermectin without their consent or knowledge. They are suing.

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"I Have Been To The Mountaintop"

Full text. MLK's final speech, the night before he was murdered.

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January 16, 2022

On Broadway

Jewish Lights Over Broadway Tour Group
Not my photo
. This came in a recent email from the Museum of Neon Arts. Somebody shot this at the conclusion of the Jewish Lights Over Broadway Tour. I'm the one in the white sweatshirt wearing a pink cap. Left of me (on my right) is Edmon Rodman who led the tour. I think we lost three or four from the group at the mid-point of the tour, the Grand Central Market.

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January 14, 2022

Two Pairs

Saguaro (8)
Kodachrome, 1988

Cactus Needles (1)
Cactus needles
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Longfellow Bridge (8)
Longfellow Bridge
, Agfa Scala film, circa 2001.

Mass General and Mass Eye & Ear (2)
Storrow Drive and medical buildings along the Charles River
, Agfa Scala film, circa 2001.

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January 13, 2022

Two and Two

These first two were shot at Hoover Dam in 2001 using Kodachrome.
They Died To Make The Desert Bloom

Hoover Dam (10)

San Francisco Rooftops (4)
San Francisco
, Agfa Scala film, 2002.

Flowers (7)
Also Agfa Scala film, but no record of the date or place

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January 12, 2022

Coachella 2022?

Is there a betting pool for the date they'll announce its rescheduling or cancellation?

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Four More On Ilford Delta 3200 Film

All of these were shot on Ilford Delta 3200 film.
Desert Hot Springs Fireworks (1)
Fireworks in Desert Hot Springs on July 2, 2021

342 N. Palm Canyon Drive (1)
342 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs

History Of Suspended Time by Gonzalo Lebrija (6)
"History Of Suspended Time" by Gonzalo Lebrija

Our Lady of Solitude Church (2)
Our Lady of Solitude Church in Palm Springs

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January 11, 2022

IGLA Coming to Desert Hot Springs

IGLA is International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics. They have just announced that in April 2022 IGLA will be coming to Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs. The water polo competition will be at the Furbee Aquatic Center. Specific dates will be April 6 through 10.

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January 9, 2022

Four On Ilford Delta 3200

These first two photos are from the cactus and succulent show at the L.A. County Arboretum that took place way back in August. These were displayed indoors without bright lighting, so I used Ilford Delta 3200 film, no filter.
L.A. County Arboretum Cactus & Succulent Show (4)

L.A. County Arboretum Cactus & Succulent Show (1)

The next two photos I shot at the George Zander Candlelight Vigil and March on Friday evening of Palm Springs Pride week. Also Ilford Delta 3200, unfiltered.
George Zander Candlelight Vigil and March (4)

George Zander Candlelight Vigil and March (2)

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