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September 24, 2021

This Is How Palm Springs Police Conduct Themselves?

An article with videos in the Desert Sun about an attempt by an illegitimate bounty hunter to seize a "fugitive." Ignoring the fact that the bounty hunter has no license and is a convicted felon carrying firearms dressed up in an imitation Riverside County Sheriff Deputy uniform, I want to comment on the actual Palm Springs Police in the story. They came to the scene in response to a 911 call from the bounty hunter. When the police show up, they find the front door of the home smashed in so they walk right in announcing themselves by saying "Hey, where ya at? Hey, where ya at?" My knowledge in this area consists solely of watching a lot of other police videos like this, and when the police get to the door standard procedure seems to be that they first announce they are the police and then stand back, or if they decide to enter, they do so with extreme caution. Not so the Palm Springs Police. They barge in like it's a free for all, which seems to be the attitude of the bounty hunter as well.

After the bogus bounty hunter somehow manages to fail to embed his taser into a man standing only a few feet away wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, somebody fired a gun, putting a hole in the chest of the victim. The Palm Springs Police response to that is to "get some gauze." It's going to take a lot more than gauze (which no one actually goes for) to stop that wound. The victim, David Spann, died.

Spann's repeated questioning of the authority of the bounty hunters in the video footage seemed to indicate that he understood what the cops didn't: Herrera didn't have the authority to be there.

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