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September 24, 2021

Newsom Recall Gains Majority In Riverside County

As vote counting has progressed the Yes votes have pulled ahead in Riverside County this week. Voteinfo.net says the numbers (as of 9/23/2021) are 358,062 Yes versus 351,958 No. Larry Elder has 279,291 votes so far, highlighting the anti-democratic element of California's referendum laws. The Press-Enterprise reports that Elder "has 60.6% of the vote in Riverside County," which is not accurate. Newsom got 351,958 votes, greatly exceeding Elder's. If you add the No votes to the vote total, No (Newsom) got 43% of the votes while Elder got 34%.

I think this means that we can expect a lot more hateful, ignorant, bigoted politics from Republicans in Riverside County for the 2022 elections. But that's like predicting there will be more wildfires or greater COVIDiocy. No need for a crystal ball or precognition.

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