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September 13, 2021

More Lawlessness In The Riverside County Sheriff's Office

Once again, the sheriff thinks his knowledge of medicine and science exceeds that of anyone else in California. The sheriff posted a self-serving video here. He wants to treat scientists researching COVID as if they are criminal suspects. That is, if new evidence causes them to revise their theories, they must be lying. When all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. He repeats the falsehood that actually having COVID gives you better protection than the vaccine. "Everyone knows that. That is science." Well, Chad, the scientists don't know that. In fact, they know the opposite. But I'm sure as soon as he gets his brand new Chad Bianco Medical School up and running he can prove those scientists wrong.

In a press release today anticipating the news article in the Press-Enterprise Bianco said this:

There is absolutely nothing in my podcast that was incorrect or irresponsible. It is factual and common sense based … the information I have about Covid and the vaccines is easily found and available for anyone wanting to find it.

Yes, indeed, false information about COVID is very easy to find. That does not make it accurate.

He says 1,500 employees (out of a total of 3,600) in the Sheriff's Department have tested positive. That's almost 42%. He doesn't say how many died. He doesn't know or care how many are vaccinated. Keep that in mind if you ever have to be in close proximity to a Riverside County Sheriff. I wonder how they can in good conscience work with those who can't be vaccinated, like children or pregnant women. Maybe the Sheriff will suggest prayer.

It's his opinion, too, that it is not the role of government to keep the public healthy. I hope when he turns 65 he voluntarily refuses to accept Medicare. And I hope he only eats in libertarian restaurants like the late Tinhorn Flats in Burbank that refuse to submit to those jackbooted Public Health Department thugs. I guess he should also be getting any health care he needs solely from unlicensed practitioners.

He tries to make an analogy between COVID and all the other unhealthy things in the world like sweetened soda beverages, tobacco and Republican thought. (Well, no, he didn't really mention Republican thought.) I'm sure he also opposes chlorination of public water supplies. The FDA should be shut down, of course. The Sheriff probably gets any medications he needs from drug busts. Does the Sheriff's Department enforce helmet and seatbelt laws? If so, why?

He is very effective at demolishing straw men, I gotta give him that.

And then there's the fact that Bianco has endorsed Larry Elder.


The Riverside Alliance for Safety & Accountability is organizing to oust him.

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