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September 11, 2021


Helicopter Used To Rescue Lost Hikers From Coachella Valley Trail

Ten hikers who became lost in the Coachella Valley Preserve had to be flown off a trail by a rescue helicopter Saturday, though no one was injured.

The Riverside County Fire Department received a 911 call from the disoriented hikers just before 12:30 p.m.

Fire officials said a rescue helicopter was dispatched to transport the hikers off the trail and back to the trailhead.

The area reached triple-digit temperatures Saturday, and the National Weather Service advised the public to avoid strenuous activity during peak heat hours this weekend.

Pretty hard to imagine how anyone could get lost in the Coachella Valley Preserve. Much more likely is that, under-prepared, they ran out of water and succumbed to the heat. It got up to about 107° in that area today.

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Agree. You always know where the road is - you can hear the traffic and see the power/phone lines.

Posted by: jn at Sep 12, 2021 8:19:50 AM

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