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August 25, 2021

Two Deaths On Golden Canyon Trail

Two solo hikers died separately on the Golden Canyon trail in Death Valley National Park in the past week. The Golden Canyon trail is an easy one that I might recommend for beginner hikers. It's short, interesting, and almost impossible to get lost on. The article says it's three miles. I believe that's the round trip distance. The canyon is not wide, so there are opportunities for shade along the way. It's also a very popular trail. There's almost always a lot of vehicles parked at the trailhead when I've driven past. If some fool came to me and said he just had to do a daytime hike in August in Death Valley, I'd probably suggest the Golden Canyon trail as the safer bet, after telling him the safest hike would be no hike.

In this Google satellite view you can see all the cars parked at the trailhead, although the date of this image is more likely to be in season, not August.

Golden Canyon (2858)
A photo I shot in Golden Canyon in 2006

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