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August 30, 2021

Infrared Filters On The Canon Powershot G12

I've got a Canon Powershot G12 that I paid to have modified so that infrared light can reach the sensor. Almost all digital cameras have internal filters to block infrared. I got just today a filter mount that allows me to put filters on the G12, so I experimented with dark red and infrared filters on it.

Cereus peruvianus (0833)
This is how the camera sees the Cereus peruvianus in my back yard with no filters at all
. You can see a little bit of pale blue-green color comes through.

Cereus Peruvianus (0936)
When I switch the camera to black & white mode, you get this look, still unfiltered

Cereus Peruvianus (0889)
Still in B&W mode but now with a dark red filter installed in front of the lens

Bougainvillea (0917)
Same camera, same B&W mode, but now with an infrared filter mounted instead of dark red
. Obviously not the Cereus peruvianus this time. The plant near the lens is a bougainvillea in bloom. I somehow did not photograph the cactus again in true infrared. Maybe tomorrow, if it's sunny.

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