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August 26, 2021

Hobby Lobby Loses In Its Effort To Degrade An Employee

I can't imagine why Hobby Lobby even let this go to court. A Hobby Lobby employee transitioned from male to female. She got a new Illinois driver license and a new Social Security card, both showing her new name, and the license showing her as female. In the ruling the judge says her Social Security card also showed her as a female, but gender is not shown on a Social Security card. It is, however, kept in Social Security records and that is, I'm sure, what the judge is referring to. She also told Hobby Lobby about her transition and they changed their personnel records to show that she is female. But then Hobby Lobby would not allow her to use the women's restroom because for a variety of invented reasons.

The judge ruled against Hobby Lobby because all legal documents and even her personnel records at Hobby Lobby show she is a female, so they had no basis to deny her access to the women's restroom. This is all so obvious I imagine the only reason Hobby Lobby fought this in court is their attorneys just wanted the billable hours. The lady was award $220,000 and attorney's fees and the case was remanded to the Illinois Human Rights Commission for possible additional damages and attorney fees that may be due.

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