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July 19, 2021

Another Four From Los Angeles

These photos were shot on Bergger Pancro400 film.

Gateway To Los Angeles (3)
Gateway To Los Angeles
, public art on the Los Angeles Street overpass over US 101.

Los Angeles Union Station (6)
Los Angeles Union Station

Los Angeles Union Station (3)
The north hall at L.A. Union Station
. Generally, this area is barricaded off so you can't walk in there, but one can certainly look and photograph. This part of the station is used mostly as a filming location — you've seen it many times.

Here is IMDB's list of more than 150 films that used Union Station as a filming location including the aptly titled Union Station, starring William Holden.

Los Angeles Union Station (4)
Turn 180° from the north hall and you're looking at this

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