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June 5, 2021

Cambridge and Boston

Alewife View
A view from Alewife Station on the Red Line in Cambridge
. Shot around 1990 or so. That's Boston in the distance.

One Financial Center Construction (6)
Early construction of what was to become One Financial Center in Boston
. When it started (1982?) they were calling it the Dewey Square Tower, since that's where it was, right across Atlantic Avenue from South Station. At the time I lived in South Boston and my daily walk to work at 100 Summer Street (which you can see standing above this in the background) took me right by this. I was looking forward to photographing the entire construction process over a long period of time. I was so disappointed when it developed into the soulless, ugly thing that stands there today.

First Baptist Church - Cambridge, Mass.
First Baptist Church in Cambridge, Mass.

Federal Reserve Bank, Boston
The Federal Reserve Building in Boston

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The unknown location is actually Central Square

check yr email for photo

Posted by: b at Jun 6, 2021 2:35:47 PM

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