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May 16, 2021

One From Chicago and Three Question Marks

Chicago Water Tower (1)
Chicago Water Tower
, Kodachrome, 1987.

New England Woods (2)
I don't recall the location, but it sure looks like New England
, Kodachrome, 1987.

Staircase (1)
Another one I have no recollection of
, but it's from June 1985. I visited San Francisco that month, but I sure don't recall doing any tours of the interiors of mansions while I was there.

Arches (1)
Another one I can't place, but it's from October 1987
, a month that I visited Washington DC. It sure looks like Washington, but I can't nail it down. If you recognize this spot, let me know. I was also in Newport, Rhode Island, that month, touring some of those mansions. This could be there, too.

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