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April 12, 2021

Four With Bridges

Zakim Bridge (10)
Zakim Bridge in Boston
, Kodachrome, probably shot in 2002.

Michael On The North Walkway on the Geo Washington Bridge (1)
Michael on the George Washington Bridge
, Ektachrome, 1996.

Myself On The North Walkway on the Geo Washington Bridge (1)
Myself, same bridge, same film, same year
. We were heading west to New Jersey and this was our first time cycling (or walking) on the George Washington Bridge. We knew there was a pedestrian/bike path on it, but in all our research (from Boston) there was no mention of the fact that only the south side was open to pedestrians and cyclists while the north sidewalk was closed completely. It took some effort to find the route to the north side. We were pretty surprised when we encountered the locked gate. But it had been usch an effort to get there, we didn't feel like going back to searching for the legal route, so we got around the gate and crossed on the north side, reversing the operation on the New Jersey side. A very similar thing happened to me on the TriBoro bridge years later when I discovered the bike path from Randalls Island to Manhattan was locked up. Alone this time, I lifted by bike over the gate and rode to Manhattan, negotiating a lot of broken glass and one man who was using the bike path as a place to shoot up.

San Francisco From Twin Peaks (3)
Night view from Twin Peaks
, Kodachrome, 1992.

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