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April 6, 2021

Four From All Over

Beargrass Nolina Flower (3618)
Beargrass Nolina
at the California Botanic Garden in Claremont. I shot this with a DSLR in March 2021.

Hammond Pond Reservation in Snow (1)
Hammond Pond Reservation
which is (was?) an under-appreciated resource in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, just behind Hammond Pond which is just behind the Chestnut Hill Mall (if that's still there). Kodachrome, 1990. That's my Diamond Back Apex leaning up against the boulder there. I still have it and it still rides great...on any naked bike ride I go on.

Maryland National Bank (1)
Maryland National Bank in Baltimore
, Kodachrome, 1989.

View From Wells Fargo Plaza (1)
The view from Wells Fargo Plaza in Houston
, Kodachrome, 1989.

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