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March 2, 2021

Probably All New England, Probably

Apartment Building
I can't pinpoint this apartment building, but it sure looks like something you'd find in Boston
, Kodachrome, 1989.

JFK Library & Museum (3)
JFK Presidential Library
. This is the face towards the public and the harbor. Kodachrome, 1988.

Building (1)
This building
. I shot this on Kodachrome in September 1989 (or so the slide was dated, so it could have been August or September), but I don't recognize it at all. In those two months I was in the Boston area, with one trip to Providence and a trip to Maine. So this building might be in Rhode Island, but Boston area is just as likely. Maine is not likely, because I went there for the camping, mostly. I never explored the architecture of the cities. I don't know what those foils on the facade do, if they're functional at all. If you recognize this building, please leave a comment below.

Red Berries (3)
Kodachrome, 1989

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