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March 12, 2021

A Mixed Bag

Pitcher Plant (1)
A pitcher plant
, Kodachrome, 1989.

Dan (1)
Dan in Hawaii
, Polaroid Polapan instant slide film, 1986.

Michael (1)
, 1988.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Galveston
Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Galveston, Texas
, Kodachrome, 1989.

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March 11, 2021

Griffith Observatory

These photos were made with Kodak T-Max 3200 film in October 2020.

Griffith Observatory View (2)

Griffith Observatory (5)

Griffith Observatory (15)

Griffith Observatory (21)

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Cityscape, Boston, MA, USA in 1978

Cityscape, Boston, MA, USA in 1978 by Gösta Knochenhauer
Boston's Back Bay, Charles River, Boston Common and Beacon Hill
. Photo by Gösta Knochenhauer on Kodachrome. Shot from atop the Pru.

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March 10, 2021

Four Kodachromes From The Late '80s

Black-eyed Susans (2)
Kodachrome, 1989

Cyclists on a rainy day
Some members of the bike club on a rainy day
. This looks like the water reservoir in Arlington, Massachusetts. That's Sal Sorrenti on the right. Kodachrome, 1987.

Large Format Camera on the Orange Line
I believe this was taken on the last day the Orange Line ran on the elevated tracks along Washington Street
. At one of the stations was this young man with a large format camera who was probably hired by the MBTA. Kodachrome, 1987.

Waiting To Enter The Statue Of Liberty
Line of people waiting to enter the Statue of Liberty
, Kodachrome, 1987.

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Andrea Sahouri Acquitted

From The Des Moines Register.

Des Moines Register reporter Andrea Sahouri acquitted after trial stemming from her arrest while she was covering George Floyd protest
William Morris
Des Moines Register

Des Moines Register reporter Andrea Sahouri was acquitted Wednesday in a trial stemming from her arrest while covering the George Floyd protests in May 2020.

Sahouri was charged with failure to disperse and interference with official acts, both simple misdemeanors. Police claimed she remained in the area of the May 31 Des Moines protest despite orders to leave, and tried to pull away when a Des Moines police officer pepper-sprayed her and tried to arrest her.

After a three-day trial, the six-member jury returned a verdict of not guilty on both charges. Sahouri's then-boyfriend, Spenser Robnett, was arrested with her and faced the same charges, and he also was acquitted on both counts.

Her arrest — and the fact that the charges went to trial — were widely criticized as an attack on press freedom. The three day trial did not broadly discuss the First Amendment issues but Sahouri, a colleague who was with her and Register Executive Editor Carol Hunter all testified that Sahouri's presence in the protest area was the very core of what journalists do.

“I’d like to thank my family and friends, my Des Moines Register and Gannett colleagues and people around Des Moines, nationally and globally who have supported me for nearly a year after I was unjustly assaulted and arrested,” Sahouri said in a statement after the verdict.

In an interview, Sahouri said the charges and trial have been a heavy burden for the past 10 months.

"It’s really a tough feeling to go through this trial and have the State of Iowa trying to bring you down and trying to make you seem like you’re doing something wrong, when you’re really just doing your job," she said.

Before the trial, prosecutors had offered to drop the interference charge if Sahouri pleaded guilty to failure to disperse. She said it was important instead to take the case to trial and win a full acquittal.

"One, I did nothing wrong, regardless of if I’m a journalist or not, but two, I know I’m not going to be the last journalist arrested, by any means," Sahouri said. "This will continue. We’ve seen an upward trend of journalists being arrested just in the past year, in 2020, and it’s really important to stand by your convictions and set this kind of precedent."

During the trial, defense attorneys argued Sahouri and Robnett did not hear a clear, unambiguous directive to leave the area of the protests. Both took the stand to testify in their defense and denied they had tried to pull away from Officer Luke Wilson as he arrested Sahouri.

Prosecutors countered with body camera footage of loudspeaker instructions to disperse well before the arrest, although the actual arrests were not recorded on Wilson's body camera.

"The job of the jury here is not to decide what the law should be. The job of the jury is not to like what happens," said prosecutor Brad Kinkade, adding that the jury was to limit itself to applying the "black-letter" law to the facts of the case.

After slightly less than two hours of deliberation, the jury delivered the not guilty verdicts.

Hunter and Gannett Media President/News Maribel Perez Wadsworth provided statements immediately after the verdict thanking the jury. Gannett is the parent company of the Register.

“Newsgathering is a fundamental part of press freedom. Reporters need to be at protests as the public’s eyes and ears, to conduct interviews, take photos and witness for themselves the actions of protesters and law enforcement," Hunter said. "If reporters are arrested and hauled away from protests, that denies people the right to know what’s going on in their community."

Perez Wadsworth described the verdict as a victory for the First Amendment as well as for Sahouri.

"It was clear Andrea was at that protest as a working journalist. It was clear that police were allowing other journalists to do exactly what Andrea was doing that day — reporting from a breaking news scene," Perez Wadsworth said. "Andrea was assaulted, arrested, charged and ultimately tried for doing her job."

Gannett funded Sahouri’s defense and will always stand behind its journalists when they are arrested for simply performing their jobs, Perez Wadsworth said.

The Register has reached out to Polk County Attorney John Sarcone for comment.

This NY Times article has more background information.

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March 9, 2021

Boston, NYC, Connecticut

Prudential Tower (2)
Prudential Tower in the background, fountain at the Christian Science Center in the foreground
, Ektachrome, 1989.

Theseus Fighting the Centaur Bianor
"Theseus Fighting the Centaur Bianor" by Antoine-Louis Barye
. This is probably at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, but I don't guarantee that. The Met says it's in Gallery 548 ("European Sculpture and Decorative Arts"), but the background of my photo is not Gallery 548 and a Google walk-through of Gallery 548 reveals no Theseus fighting any centaur. But if someone would like to go to the Met and pinpoint its actual location, I would be delighted to know.

Geoff & Friend Sailing
Geoff and his friend on his friend's sailboat docked in Darien, Connecticut
. Kodachrome, 1988.

Marlborough St. and Massachusetts Ave. Boston
At the corner of Marlborough Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Boston's Back Bay
, Ektachrome, 1989.

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March 8, 2021

A Mixture

I'm not sure exactly what or where these were, but it looks like a close-up on some sprouting trees
, Kodachrome, 1989.

Sunrise on the Maine Coast (2)
The Maine coast
, Kodachrome, 1989.

Japanese Maple (1)
Japanese maple
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Marigolds at Christian Science Center
Christian Science Mother Church
, Ektachrome, 1989. This was about the time I got a very wide angle lens and was running around Boston doing new shots of all my usual subjects.

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March 7, 2021

Birds Make Bird

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March 6, 2021

Palm Springs on T-Max

These were all shot in January 2021 in Palm Springs on Kodak T-Max 400 film (120 format) using a Plastic Fantastic Debonair camera.

Isabelle (2)

Isabelle (1)

Fiat (1)

Graffiti Art in Palm Springs (2)

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March 5, 2021

It's 1988

Romance On The Hudson River
Looking across the Hudson River to New Jersey
, 1988.

Copley Plaza & John Hancock Tower in Low Clouds (2)
The Copley Plaza hotel and John Hancock tower with low clouds
, Ektachrome, 1988.

Geoff Sailing
Geoff took me to Darien one day to go sailing
, 1988.

Cyclists about to ride
, 1988.

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Lunar Sodium

Every new moon the earth is bathed in a stream of sodium atoms carried from the moon by the solar wind. This was first identified in the late 1990s using an all-sky-imaging camera operated by Boston University researchers.

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March 3, 2021


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Two Kodachromes, Two Ektachromes

Early Morning Coast of Maine
Early morning on the coast of Maine
, Kodachrome, 1989.

Museum of Fine Arts - Boston
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Copley Square
Copley Square in Boston's Back Bay
, Ektachrome, 1989.

Dune Grass (2)
Dune grass
, Ektachrome, 1989.

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March 2, 2021

Probably All New England, Probably

Apartment Building
I can't pinpoint this apartment building, but it sure looks like something you'd find in Boston
, Kodachrome, 1989.

JFK Library & Museum (3)
JFK Presidential Library
. This is the face towards the public and the harbor. Kodachrome, 1988.

Building (1)
This building
. I shot this on Kodachrome in September 1989 (or so the slide was dated, so it could have been August or September), but I don't recognize it at all. In those two months I was in the Boston area, with one trip to Providence and a trip to Maine. So this building might be in Rhode Island, but Boston area is just as likely. Maine is not likely, because I went there for the camping, mostly. I never explored the architecture of the cities. I don't know what those foils on the facade do, if they're functional at all. If you recognize this building, please leave a comment below.

Red Berries (3)
Kodachrome, 1989

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March 1, 2021

Classical Music in Cartoons

This is the most complete list I've seen, and it includes examples.

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A Mix

Window View
I have no recollection of where I shot this photo
, but it's likely in the Boston area. Late 1980s.

Self 1989
Myself in my Brighton kitchen
, Kodachrome, 1989.

Tucson After Sunset
, Kodachrome, 1988.

Autumn Bicycling
Autumn cycling in New England

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