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December 17, 2020

Four Photos From The 1980s

Birch in Winter
Agfachrome, 1985

Christian Science Center
The Christian Science Center in Boston
. 2001, Kodachrome.

Men in Profile
The man on the left is Sal Sorrenti
. Late 1980s, Kodachrome.

Climbing Mt. Katahdin, Maine
In September 1988 I, along with two friends, climbed Mt Katahdin, the peak of which is the northern terminus of the Appalachian trail.
We had driven up to Baxter State Park and hiked to Chimney Pond campground which is at the base of the mountain. You can see Chimney Pond near the center of this photo. We spent one night there, during which I had a very close encounter with an adult moose who passed within a few feet of me in the pitch darkness as I was heading to the loo. I could hear something massive walking towards me, but the density of the brush around me prevented my flashlight beam from penetrating more than a few feet. I knew it had to be either a moose or a bear. Moose was slightly preferable. Fortunately, the animal was calm and didn't react to me at all as it walked by.

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