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July 26, 2020

More Photos

Tip O'Neill Building (1A)
Tip O'Neill Federal Building behind the elevated Green Line, May 1985.

The John Hancock Buildings - Boston
The John Hancocks in Boston, April 1986.


Back Bay Boston
Back Bay Boston, June 1986.

Marshal Field's Clock
Marshall Field's clock in Chicago, September 1987, Kodachrome.

Wrigley Building - Tribune Tower
Wrigley Building, Tribune Tower, Chicago, September 1987, Kodachrome.

Flower in Kauai
On Kauai, November 1986, Kodachrome.

Merchandise Mart at Night
Merchandise Mart, Chicago, September 1987.

Flower on Kauai (3)
On Kauai, November 1986, Kodachrome.

Concord, Massachusetts
In Concord, Massachusetts, November 1984.

Decorative Outdoor Lamp
Somewhere in Boston, March 1985.

Golden Gate Bridge (6)
Ektachrome, June 1985.

World Trade Center Shadows - 1985
World Trade Center shadows, September 1985.

Calder Stegosaurus
Calder's "Stegosaurus" at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford in the 1980s.

Old John Hancock - Boston
John Hancock, Boston, May 1986.

Pilgrim Monument - Provincetown
Provincetown Pilgrim Monument, June 1986.

Yucca brevifolia in Joshua Tree National Park (10)
Ilford SFX 200 film, June 2020.

Chase Bank - Desert Hot Springs
Desert Hot Springs, Kodak TMax ASA400 film, June 2020.

Copa - Palm Springs (20)
Palm Springs, Kodak TMax ASA400 film, June 2020.

Sushi Bella (28)
Desert Hot Springs, Kodak TMax ASA400 film, June 2020.

Joshua Tree NP - Covington Flats with Moonrise (12)
Covington Flats, Kodak TMax ASA400 film, June 2020.

Joshua Tree NP - Covington Flats (06)
Covington Flats, Kodak TMax ASA400 film, June 2020.

Cafe Interior (02)
June 1986.

Mural (01)
San Francisco Bay Area, June 1985.

AIDS Quilt in Washington DC (1)
The AIDS Quilt on display in Washington, 1987.

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July 10, 2020

New Slide Scans

I've recently begun scanning slides again. Here are some of them.

Still Life
Still life, 1986.

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges
Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, 1985.

Ice cream on the veranda - Kauai 1986
Friends on Kauai, 1986, Kodachrome.

Cambridge - Harvard Yard
Cambridge, Massachusetts, including a bit of Harvard Yard, late 1980s.

Sailboat in Hawaii
Kauai, 1986, Kodachrome.

Autumn Leaves (1)
Autumn leaves, 1986, Kodachrome.

East-West Tollway
Illinois East-West Tollway, 1980s.

Succulent, 1986.

Architectural Detail (1)
Architectural detail, probably in Boston, 1980s.

Fire Hydrant
Fire hydrant, 1985.

Bill Shepardson (1)
Bill Shepardson in San Francisco, June 1985.

Tom Boll (1)
Tom Boll, 1985.

Boston - Polaroid PolaChrome Instant Slide Film
Boston, 1980s, on Polaroid PolaChrome instant slide film.

Sweeney Mfg. Co. Brooklyn - Polaroid PolaPan Instant Slide Film
Brooklyn on the East River, 1980s, Polaroid PolaPan instant slide film.

Tanglewood (1)
Tanglewood, 1983, Agfachrome.
The woman is using an Olympus XA camera which is the first 35mm camera I bought, but I shot this photo with a Pentax K1000.

Palace of Fine Arts (2)
San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, 1985.

A-L Larsen
South Boston, 1980s, Ektachrome.

Seen in Hawaii, 1986, Ektachrome.

South End Boston
South End Boston, 1987, Kodachrome.

Michigan Avenue
Michigan Avenue Chicago, 1987, Kodachrome.

You can see more of my slide scans by clicking here.

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