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November 30, 2019

Some Recent Photos

Camron-Stanford House (5607)
The Camron-Stanford House in Oakland on Lake Merritt.

Pleroma foveolatum (5551)
Also in Oakland.

Alameda County Courthouse (5571)
Alameda County Courthouse in Oakland.

Palm Springs Sunset (009A)
In Palm Springs.

Gate & Shadow (010)

Express Carwash (006)

Andy's Pool (011)

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November 18, 2019

Lomography Diana F+

I recently acquired a Lomography Diana F+ "Mr. Pink" camera, a film camera. Here are the results from the first two test rolls.

The camera is cheap and cheaply made, which is supposed to be part of its charm. To my utter amazement and pleasure, the instruction manual is written in excellent, idiomatic American English. The camera also comes with a hardback book (over 300 pages) with stories, anecdotes and sample photos.

It takes 120 film. If I shoot full size, I can get up to 12 exposures on a roll. On my first roll, the color film (Kodak Portra 400), I made a mistake in setting which film image size to shoot at (I can shoot smaller images and fit 16 images on a roll), so the result was overlapping double images, but I edited out the overlaps. The camera has two shutter speeds 1/100 and bulb. It's got three aperture settings: cloudy, partly cloudy and full sun. I can also simply remove the lens and use it as a pinhole camera. It's got zone focusing. I can just rotate the (very loose) lens to 4 meters to infinity, 2 to 4 meters, or 1 to 2 meters. There are no automatic stops when advancing the film, as there are on 35mm film cameras, and nothing prevents double exposure. To advance the film I just keep turning the knob while I keep my eye on the little red window on the back of the camera. When the next number for a frame becomes visible, then I've moved the film far enough. One challenge is that I cannot see the dim number through the little red window in anything less than full sunlight. I will need to have a flashlight with me when I use this camera.

These photos came out a lot better than I expected. Very little light leakage and I guessed the focus range well enough on most of them. The black & white film is T-Max 400.

I have not tried the flash yet, nor the pinhole.

I found one review of the camera from someone who took it to Burning Man. The camera is so leaky, the dust penetrates all parts of it easily, ruining the film for sure, and maybe the camera too.

View across I-10, Coachella Valley

Vehicle at the Patton Museum (1)
At the Patton Museum.

Tank at the Patton Museum (2)

Tank at the Patton Museum (1)

Car at the Patton Museum (2)

Sunnylands (7)
At Sunnylands.

Sunnylands (4)

Flowers (7)

Andy's Pool

The complete set of photos is here.

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