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September 29, 2019

Burning Man 2019 Photos

My complete set of photos from Burning Man 2019 can be seen here. Below are a few samples.

Dawn and Moonset (2028)
First morning on the playa
, just before sunrise. You can see the moon about to set to the right. Klank is camped in the larger trailer and I'm in the Scamp.

Just Before Sunrise (2033)
Looking the other way, toward what will be Black Rock City.

Just arrived on playa (8826)

Just Before Sunset (0364)

My Shade Structure Stabilization System (5737)
How I stabilized my shade structure.
It worked perfectly. The shade structure stood there for three weeks and wasn't damaged in any way. That sphere is a light, not any part of the stabilization.

Box Office Sign (0385)
Box Office still under construction.

DPW erecting shade structure at Box Office (0379)
DPW (Department of Public Works) putting up the shade structure in front of Box Office.

Fat Man art car (4802)

Chapel of Chimes (3461)
The Chapel of Chimes.

Rocket & Ed Nixon (5500)
Rocket and Frank.

Gardner Pond's Memorial at the Temple Of Direction (0463)

Gardner Pond Memorial at the Temple Of Direction (0480)

Jim and Rocket pumping water (0001)
Jim and Rocket.

Temple Of Direction under construction (0401)
Early in the construction of the Temple of Direction.

3 O'Clock (0421)
The Man viewed along the 3 O'Clock road.

By Thursday Neighbors Were Noticeable (0423)
A week after I got there, some neighbors had begun to move in.

Fomogenesis Camp (0419)
Fomogenesis Camp's shade structure.

Fomogenesis Camp during setup (0440)
Fomogenesis Camp during setup.

Sparkly Segways (0443)
Segways with shiny decorations.

Temple Of Direction (0428)
The Temple of Direction.

The 747 (0414)
The 747 was there for its, presumably, last time
. It's been sold to someone in Las Vegas.

The Elephant (0429)

The Elephant (0435)

Camp Whiskey Galore (0451)
Part of Burner Buddies.

Four-Thirty and J (0452)
Burner Buddies on the corner of 4:30 and J.

Official Map of all the Theme Camps (0487)
An official map showing the locations of all theme camps.
(Full size image here.)

Art Car at Folly (0502)

David & Nancy (3181)
David and his sister Nancy.
David sold his Scamp to me after last year's Burn.

Something's Burning (0513)

Temple Of Direction (0466)
A history of the temples displayed at the Temple of Direction.

Temple Of Direction (0474)
The Temple of Direction.

The Man (2155)
The Man.

The Wedding Party (3199)
Burner Buddies trying to get photos of the wedding party.

The Wedding (3447)
Pan and Flavio renewed their wedding vows in the Chapel of Chimes.
(Here is the album of their wedding photos.)

The Whale (0473)

Biking across the playa (4325)

Some Dust (5064)

Art Car (5390)
An art car.

Camp Walter Bus (2735)
Walter Bus.

Poppy & Friend Prepare For The Naked Pub Crawl (2002)
Poppy and friend waiting for the start of the Naked Pub Crawl.

Bee in Dust (5151)

Art Behind Center Camp (4515)
Some of the art behind Center Camp.

Burning of The Temple of Direction (5429)
The Temple of Direction.

Burning of The Temple of Direction (5461)
During the burning of the Temple of Direction.

The Temple of Direction begins to collapse (5483)
The Temple of Direction starting to collapse.

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