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October 18, 2018

Box Canyon Flood

Box Canyon Road was flooded out twice this month, the second flood being far greater magnitude than any flood I've seen on that road. Check out the video:

Coachella Canal - Cleveland Street Branch to Salton Sea (1181)
This is a photo I took in 2007
showing the drainage channel going from the Coachella Canal (foreground) to the Salton Sea (background). The drainage channel can be used to send excess water from the canal into the Salton Sea, but I haven't heard of that option being used in the 15 years I've lived here. The farmers can use all the water they get. The drainage channel actually extends under the canal so that it can also carry runoff from the Mecca Hills (behind me as I took this photo) to the Salton Sea. Otherwise, all the rain that falls on the Mecca Hills will simply pool next to the canal, eventually undermining it.

So the huge flood from Box Canyon Road (or as much of it as possible) squeezed through this opening (also photographed in 2007):
Drain Passing Under the Coachella Canal (5027)

Before the flood could get to the Salton Sea it had to pass under 70th Avenue as well as the railroad and highway 111. The panorama below shows where the flood hit 70th Avenue:
70th & Cleveland, North Shore, California (1958)
Not only was the bridge destroyed, but the entire concrete drainage channel is simply gone.

Below is a closer view of the 70th Avenue bridge. Those are date palms along the road with their fruit wrapped in cloth bags to protect it from birds.
70th & Cleveland, North Shore, California (5671)

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Interesting, hadn't seen that before...

Posted by: CharlieE at Oct 22, 2018 2:43:06 PM

Romance and Sex Life of the Date is available on YouTube as well. The part about wrapping the dates to protect from rain starts at about 11:55. But what they show are wraps that are wide open at the bottom, not closed bags as shown in the photo above. Later in the video it shows closed bags, but doesn't say what they are for.

Every other website I've looked at that talks about bagging dates say they do it to protect from birds and insects. Here's one example.

Posted by: Ron at Oct 19, 2018 10:57:09 AM

Hi Ron,
Go see "Sex life of the Date" at Shields Date Garden. The reason for those bags is to keep them dry from rain, not birds. If the dates get wet, they spoil on the trees!

Posted by: CharlieE at Oct 19, 2018 6:12:52 AM

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