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February 6, 2018

Guantanamo Prosecution Continuing Despite Virtually No Defense Counsel

In Guantanamo, the team of attorneys who were the defense team for Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri resigned when it was discovered that their lawyer-client conversations were not necessarily confidential. Actually, one member of the defense team stayed. He is Navy Lt. Alaric Piette, who with only six years of experience and no experience in a capital case, is woefully underqualified to be the sole defense attorney. Military tribunal rules require a defense attorney with capital case experience in all capital cases. Yet, the case is proceeding. Prosecuting attorneys are entering evidence, even though no jury has been selected. Lt. Piette's stance now is to say nothing in court except to respond to any requests from the judge with "Defense takes no position other than to object to these proceedings continuing without learned counsel."

The judge has fruitlessly attempted to order and coerce the defense team to return to court.

If this isn't set right, no one in the world will have any respect for any judgement from this court.

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