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November 24, 2017

Yet More Slides

This Looks Like Iowa - 1983
This looks like Iowa
, but I can't be more specific than that. Dates from 1983.

Tanglewood 1983 Agfachrome
Tanglewood 1983 on Agfachrome.
The camera the woman is using looks like an Olympus XA. I went through a couple of those.

Sailboat Hawaii Kodachrome 1986
Hawaii on Kodachrome, 1986.

Interior Agfachrome 1985
I have no idea where this is
, but if I had to guess I'd guess that it's at Alcatraz. Agfachrome, 1985.

Hawaii Ocean Sunset Kodachrome 1986
Sunset in Hawaii, Kodachrome, 1986.

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges 1985
The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, 1985.

100 Summer Street Boston Polachrome
This is another Polaroid instant slide, but this one is color, Polachrome.
The subject is in Boston.

You can see more of my slide photos by clicking this link.

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