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November 23, 2017

More Slides

Hunt Drugs 1985
Hunt Drugs was the best photography store in Boston when I lived there
and it still exists. They've expanded to several other locations, and it looks from here like they've dropped the drug store half of the business. It was an odd store. Probably three-quarters of the floor space was for photography while the other quarter was regular drug store stuff.

Statue Of Liberty 1985
The Statue of Liberty in 1985

Orange Flower

New England House 1984
I can't recall where this house is, or its significance.
But I can safely say it's in New England. If you can identify it, please let me know.

Helmsley-Spear Inc - Polaroid Instant Slide
This is a Polapan Polaroid instant slide
. The building is probably in New York City. A little more info about the film can be found here. Here's a video about the use of the film.

Frog Pond Boston Common 1983
Frog Pond in the Boston Common, 1983.

Christian Science Mother Church Annex (2) 1985
The Christian Science Mother Church Annex in Boston
; publishing house in the background.

Brooklyn Bridge 1985
This bridge is for sale

Boston Back Bay 1985
Boston's Back Bay in 1985 viewed from Cambridge

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