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February 3, 2017

Finnish Motorcycle Chase

Here’s a rare video. It's a police chase (ho hum) but it's motorcycle chasing motorcycle in Finland! With no cuts, this video is almost 34 minutes long, but the first 8 minutes and 15 seconds is nothing but what the cop happened to be doing for the 8 minutes and 15 seconds before he leaped into action. I assume it was a radio call that got him going. I can't see any motorcyclist breaking any obvious traffic rules that would have triggered him. So this video starts at the 8:15 point.

I wish I knew why this guy was being chased. The chase pushes him to make a lot of dangerous maneuvers and the chasing cop copies him in almost every move. Obviously, other people on the road were endangered. But there doesn't seem to be the sort of congestion I'm used to seeing in an American city - neither people nor traffic.

In the video you won't hear the cop relaying his location and direction to dispatch, as you would in America. I don't know of any maneuvers that can be performed by a chasing motorcycle cop to force the other one to stop. Can't do a pit maneuver. So it would seem his only hopes of catching this guy were either he'd run out of gasoline, or he'd make a mistake and crash, or the chased would simply give up, or other police would get ahead of the chase to try to block him off. But help never arrives. At least three times a police van appears ahead of him, sitting in the road. Once it looks like that cop is there only to control traffic while the chase goes through. In the other two appearances, the cops with the vans appear to be doing nothing, but if the chased man wanted to surrender and get a nice ride back to jail, they were there to serve.

Notice the one surprising scene where our cop gets well ahead of the chased, who had stopped in order to avoid an accident. The chased hurriedly gets back into his usual position, even though he had the opportunity there to turn right and go the wrong way on the entrance ramp. That might have given him enough head start to get away.

Finnish cop in motorcycle chase
This is the cop who did the chasing
. We don't see him until seconds before the video ends.

I don't want to spoil the ending, but I'll tell you I was surprised at how fast the chased person could run on two legs! He did way better than Americans who try to run from the cops.

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The reason for this chase was only speeding, he first drove 144km/h in 80km/h zone and by normal speed trap that was set up by police.

This guy turned out to be a convicted felon, manslaughter in 2002 and shooting another guy to leg with a shotgun in 2014.
I´m guessing the guy was on parole at that moment.

Punishment for crimes in Finland is absurd, this guy got only 2 years in prison from this and earlier crimes including assaulting ex-spouse and minor children. Also possessing illegal firearms.

With good behaviour the guy will get parole maybe after 1-1,5 years.

Posted by: Finnish Guy at Feb 4, 2017 8:57:27 AM

Here´s a link to news article about the case:

Posted by: Finnish Guy at Feb 4, 2017 8:42:21 AM

BTW, the bike he was chasing was riding 2 up, i.e. there was a passenger. Some pretty good riding there! But stupid...

Posted by: Jeff at Feb 4, 2017 6:11:52 AM

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