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September 27, 2016

DJI Smacks Down GoPro

Just a week after GoPro announced their first drone, Karma, DJI (longtime sales leader in drones) has come out with something much better called Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro appears to fold down smaller than the Karma; it can go 40 MPH (somebody's going to lose an eye!); and it has tracking ability. It's also cheaper than the Karma. The Karma is $800. Add a Hero5 and the total is about $1,200. The Mavic Pro is $999 and includes a camera. You can also exclude DJI's new remote controller and save $250, dropping the price to $749. You can skip the remote controller and operate the Mavic Pro from your smartphone. DJI says the Mavic Pro can hover so steadily and its gimbal is so fantastic that you can use shutter speeds as long as 2 seconds on their camera! I am gobsmacked!

News article here.

Here's a video which is nicely lower key than a GoPro video.

The only way this is going to be a bad deal is if the camera is crappy...so wait for some reviews first.

UPDATE: A Mavic Pro test video.

It looks like image quality is very good, but a narrower angle than GoPro, which has its pluses and minuses.

Here’s a comparison list of features of the Mavic Pro and the Karma.

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Yes! This is the drone that puts everything together at a reasonable price. I do think I might occasionally miss the wider angle of the GoPro, but that's not a huge problem.

Posted by: Ron at Sep 28, 2016 11:57:44 AM

9/27 Ron Wow, this is very cool! rc3

Posted by: Richard Cromwell III at Sep 27, 2016 11:02:57 PM

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