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August 8, 2016

Camp Photos From This Weekend

This past weekend I went to the northern California CMEN gathering. I had never been to this gathering before. This was its third year. The location was about midway between Reno and Sacramento. Some photos of the campground.

Cabin 38 (2954)
My tent was behind this cabin
. You can see it poking out on the left.

Outback Logic Siesta4 Tent (2952)
My new tent, showing the roof vents propped open

Outdoor Dining (2975)
The outdoor dining area

The View From The Dining Hall (2981)
The view from the dining hall

The Densest Camping Area (2990)
This is the most crowded camping area I could find
. Can you see the tents? This is at the eastern end of the camp. My tent at the western end was almost a mile away.

Pink Union Jack (2962)
You know I want one of these

Nobody Crushes Their Boxes (2993)
My volunteer job was keeping one particular building neat and clean
. Allegedly, four other people had signed up for the same job, but somehow it was always me who washed the floor or crushed the boxes for recycling.

The complete set of photos is here.

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