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January 19, 2016

More Los Angeles Photos

Old Cards Decorating In Elevators (0295)
The walls of a couple of elevators in the L.A. Public Library are covered entirely in old cards from card catalogs

Old Cards Decorating In Elevators (0294)
See? Real cards.

The elevator has a glass panel through which you can see they've even mounted old cards in the shaft itself.

Los Angeles Public Library floor (0300)
Some floor tile in the LA Public Library

Los Angeles Public Library (0258)
The rotunda in the LAPL

Card Catalog in Geneology (0306)
A functioning card catalog in the genealogy department

Being Dead They Yet Speak (0265)
"Being dead they yet speak."
Apparently a wave of zombyism wiped out the city fathers in the 1920s.

Audiobooks - Los Angeles Public Library (0299)

Walt Disney Hall (2478)
Disney Hall

Spring Street Arcade (2494)
In the Spring Street Arcade

Peter Shelton's
One of the sculptures on Spring Street next to LAPD headquarters
. These were created by Peter Shelton.

Milner Hotel Stairway (2465)
Old hotel stairway

Los Angeles Union Station (0325)
Union Station - iPhone panorama

Los Angeles Uniion Station (0324A)
Union Station

Los Angeles Street Bridge Public Art (2455)
This is that very noticeable public art on the Los Angeles Street bridge over the 101 downtown
. Here's a news article all about this art. The process to get it done began in 2006. The art supports its own weight (rather than resting on the bridge) through a deep foundation that can't be seen.

Los Angeles Street Bridge Public Art (2449)
Detail of the art on the bridge

The article says the art is on Main Street, but Google backs up my observation that it's on Los Angeles Street.

Metro Rail Figures (2497)
Metro Rail observes its 25th anniversary with this display in Union Station
. For comparison, here are the same numbers from NYC (which did not abandon it's mass transit rail system in the 1950s): 6,384 rail cars, 422 stations, 660.75 miles of rail.

6th & Spring Street (0315)
At 5th and Spring Streets

8th Street Los Angeles (0211)
On 8th Street

Broad Museum (0223)
The Broad Museum

Clifton's Entrance - Old Florist Sign (2460)
This is an easily overlooked detail uncovered in the rehab of Clifton's Cafeteria
. Right between the two entrance doors. There used to be a florist shop there. This sign pre-dates 1931, when Clifton's opened.

Dancing Girls (2464)
"Dancing Girls!"

Filming On Grand Avenue (2489)
On Grand Avenue at about midnight some filming was about to happen
. This guy just stood there surrounded by blue and red fluorescent tubes. There was one camera on a crane and a couple of guys with the camera. Off to the side were another couple of guys keeping an eye on the generator (which was noisier than permitted at Burning Man). There wasn't any filming actually happening. Everybody just seemed to be waiting and collecting their pay.

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Great photos, Ron; thanks.

Posted by: Earl at Jan 19, 2016 7:45:37 PM

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