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October 20, 2015

Coconut Harvesting

I never knew (or imagined) that 99% of the coconuts harvested in Thailand are picked by monkeys. Pigtailed macaques, to be specific. They've been doing it for 400 years. Here is a video showing some monkeys training and working.

Naturally, there's a group in America that are accusing the coconut farmers of abuse, but the Americans have never visited any of the coconut plantations, however they've seen Youtube videos and we all know if it's on Youtube, it must be true. They don’t link to any of those videos on their website. They seem to be opposed to the use of monkeys for any kind of work on general principle. Dogs? Horses? Oxen? Are they opposed to them working too?

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Monkeys Pickin" Coconuts,
Really? Where do you find this kind of stuff? Love it...
I think Gilligan would have been been smart and lucky,having such a well trained Monkey to pick coconuts so Mary-Ann could have made the Castaways coconut cream pies to enjoy.
The Skipper would have been happy...
Some tribes/people just shoot em' and eat em'.
Not the coconuts, the monkeys.
It gives credence to the phrase' Even a Monkey can do it"
I don't have a problem with animals helping humans.
Thanks Ron,

Posted by: Russ A at Oct 21, 2015 7:23:27 PM

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