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September 23, 2015

Make Your GoPro Better

Think of all the advances in digital photographic engineering over just the last decade or so that have made powerful but tiny cameras, like the GoPro, possible. There seems to be just one last step to make your tiny GoPro perfect: make it bigger. The Exo GP-1 is a box about the size of an old classic 35mm camera that you put your GoPro (3 or 4) into. Besides looking cool to the hipsters, this improves its ergonomics and provides some new features not found on the tiny GoPro, including: a plain optical viewfinder (glass that you look through - what will they think of next?), a cold shoe mount (which is like a hot shoe mount, but without electricity), the ability to mount filters over the lens (the biggest advantage, IMO), and a leather strap.

I would like to see an A/B comparison test done at Burning Man. There is a significantly vocal but tiny minority of Burners who regard cameras on the playa as evil, and the GoPro is the most evil of them all. It's as though they believe it's the camera itself that is offending their sense of privacy or their sense of immediacy or their offended sense that someone is enjoying the Burn in a way different from theirs!

So have a Burner hand-carrying a naked GoPro walk into an encampment or large art piece or Center Camp and start taking photos or videos. Observe the reactions of other Burners. Then have another Burner come in with his GoPro wrapped up to look like a cousin to a Leica, shoot photos and videos and observe the reactions.

My hypothesis is that you will discover plain ol' anti-GoPro bigotry.

BTW, on Kickstarter you can donate US$155 to get one of these with a strap. They expect the retail price to be US$185.

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