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August 25, 2015

WTF Inglewood?

The city of Inglewood, California, tried to copyright its Youtube videos of city council meetings. Was this done because someone had found a way to turn city council meetings into a commercial product and make fat profits on the backs of the lean and hardworking city government? Oh, hell no! Some horrible, horrible citizen was editing copies of those videos in order to make political criticism of the mayor! Well, we can't be having that in America, now can we?

A federal judge has ruled against Inglewood in this matter. Probably taking no more than five seconds to come to his decision.

Using a MacBook laptop, Teixeira taught himself to upload meeting videos to iMovie. He added text and narration to lambaste Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr. The rookie producer distributed the DVDs at no charge. Later, he posted his work to YouTube.

See?! If you let that kind of shit go on, who knows what could happen. Maybe the mayor won't get re-elected and then where would the world be?

BTW, whoever is the law firm retained by the city of Inglewood should be avoided by other cities who do not want to be dragged into losing embarrassing civil suits.

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