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August 4, 2015

MMJ Dispensary Reaches Out To Veterans

Even before it's open, before it's even legal, a new medical marijuana dispensary in the Quad Cities area of Illinois is reaching out to sign up military veterans. Avoid the October rush, they say.

The dispensary in Milan (watch the video to learn the proper American pronunciation) will also be a grow facility. Illinois has much tougher security requirements than any I've heard of in other states. Naive state officials don't realize the problem won't be security; the problem will be whether they can produce enough marijuana to supply the needs of a well-populated five-county area.

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ok, got it - in Illinois it's MY-lin. In Italy, its me-LAN.
Like where the world's fair is going on until Oct. 31.
My pics from me-LAN in July;

Posted by: Ednixon at Aug 6, 2015 12:17:49 AM

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