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July 16, 2015

New GoPro Mount

The Toyota Tacoma mount seems expensive at first glance, but when you consider it includes an entire Toyota Tacoma, it's not so bad. I do wonder how in the world the designers settled on one spot to put a GoPro attachment. Maybe there are a few attachment points and you can move it around.

One hopes it will be better than this Nissan demonstration where they had to put the camera on top of the driver's head, despite the fact that his neck is all wiggly and flexible. And that car! What good is it when you can't even see over a Jersey barrier (excuse me, K barrier). Get a truck!

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Here's a Wired article showing where the GoPro mount will be in a Toyota Tacoma. It's just a standard flat mount stuck on the inside of the windshield, top center. Good place. You can mount a camera pointing to the interior or through the windshield.

But I can hardly believe the big deal they're making of this. You can buy a package of five of these mounts for only $7.95 on Amazon. So Toyota and GoPro launch this big public relations campaign over the fact that Toyota is sticking an extra $1.59 part in the Tacoma.

Any car dealer could go out on his lot right now and stick the same part in the same place on every vehicle in his lot and in a couple of days announce that he's already outsold the Tacoma in sales volume.

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