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July 6, 2015

Another New GoPro Camera

After their recent announcement of a new, less expensive GoPro, we're pretty surprised at today's announcement of an entirely new GoPro called "Session."
It's a little cube (Wired says it's 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"). Some specs:

  • $400
  • 74 grams; waterproof as is without additional housing. (The Hero4 Black weighs 89 grams, or 152 grams with housing).
  • 1440p, 30 fps; 1080p, 60 fps; 720p, 100 fps; WVGA, 120 fps.
  • Looping, for use as a dashcam.
  • 8 MP still photos, 3264 x 2448.
  • Burst 10/second.
  • Timelapse from 0.5 to 60 second intervals.
  • ISO Limit defaults to 1600 but can be set to 400.
  • Built-in battery.
  • No display. Settings are made from the remote or an app on your smartphone. One button powers on/starts recording, and vice versa.
  • Two microphones, and the camera is supposed to be able to automatically select the one with better sound.
  • Shipping July 12.

Here's the ad.

As you can see, like all previous GoPros, the Hero4 Session comes with beautiful people, great sports equipment, and a travel voucher allowing you to go anywhere in the world at no additional expense.

The pattern seems well established now. GoPro brings out a great new camera. Then every electronics company with or without a recognizable name, comes out with something similar, but cheaper and with lesser abilities. The press will publish reviews about them with headlines asking "Is This The GoPro Killer?" The review will show you that the new camera is about as good as GoPros of one or two generations earlier, but it will have one or two new interesting features (like Polaroid's Cube, for example). Then GoPro announces a great new camera that is clearly superior to all the current GoPro "killers." The cycle repeats.

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