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April 14, 2015

That Griffith Park Cougar

P-22 has gotten himself more publicity by wandering out of Griffith Park and taking of residence in the crawl space under a home in Los Feliz. The map below shows the outlines of that neighborhood, according to Google.

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Well, perhaps Fish & Game should contact the P.D and have someone do some RECON on that Cat, and the next time it goes out of bounds of the Park, they can give it a verbal warning? If that doesn't work, kick 'em, beat 'em, or maybe a tazer lesson? or finally if it runs, Shoot it.
It's not funny, but sad.
There is not enough $$$ you could pay ME to be a PO.
All "Respect" to the Good Ones....
They deserve 'Respect"
But Cougars need love too, not just the good looking two legged kind, 4 legged critters too.
They both need space to "Wander"

Posted by: Russ A. at Apr 14, 2015 3:59:11 PM

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