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April 13, 2015

Express Your Inner Baboon

How's this for high concept advertising? You don't get a single spec. You get the brand name, 3DR, but is there a model name? How much? Can I buy it? All irrelevant questions. There is only one question: How cool can you be?

I'm sure your first thought was the same as mine: what, they couldn't use the opening of "Also Sprach Zarathustra?" Why not? Too trite? I find that hard to believe. My/your second thought would be "Where is that place?" "That place" is Spaceport America in New Mexico:

BTW, if that one scene was meant to suggest Mars, a quadcopter would need to be redesigned to fly with lower gravity and less atmosphere, ya know, so if you volunteer for Mars mission you'll want to pack your conversion kit. Something to do on the long voyage.

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