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March 10, 2015

Did A Miracle Happen? No.

It's another one of those worthless lists comparing crime rates between cities using their statistics as reported to the FBI. Even though it has been shown over and over and over that this is an invalid comparison because every police department counts things a little differently, when Desert Hot Springs was in the top 3 everybody who wanted to get elected to any position in this city would run around, hands in the air, pushing the hysteria button.

So now that we're not even in the top 10, will we all have a big celebration to announce the end of crime in Desert Hot Springs? I bet not. I just hope people begin to understand that the purpose of a list like this is only to sell newspapers - figuratively.

BTW, I've been in Emeryville and I felt as safe there as in DHS - which is really, really safe.

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Our town is as safe as any in the valley, or the U.S., or any place where people can get guns. Or any place where there are humans.

Posted by: Darr Sandberg at Mar 12, 2015 12:58:00 PM

Ron, we've been having a few more shooting lately, there's something in the air. . and it's been lead. Everyone would like to have a save town but right now, DHS is not.

Posted by: Craig at Mar 11, 2015 3:14:50 PM

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