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December 23, 2014

"The Interview" To Be Shown In Los Angeles

Get $14 tickets here to see it in the 158-seat Silent Movie Theater at 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles 90036.

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Or watch it at home for $5.99.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Dec 24, 2014 11:06:59 AM

Panned by the critics.

Alonso Duralde, "The Wrap"

Joe Morganstern, KCRW (audio)

Posted by: Ednixon at Dec 24, 2014 2:33:48 AM

I see that Cinemas Palme D'Or, the Camelot and the Mary Pickford will show it. If you know of any others that information would be helpful.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Dec 23, 2014 10:05:51 PM

They're showing it in Cat City, Palm Springs and Palm Desert..

Posted by: Mike Picardi at Dec 23, 2014 9:49:04 PM

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